Tongchuan Central People’s Court: The role of the court member of the Concentric Anti-epidemic writing

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“I am very grateful to Wang Shijun and Cui Huanhuan, two policemen sent by Tongchuan Central People’s Hospital to fight the epidemic in the community. In our epidemic prevention and control work, they worked hard, overcame difficulties, stood fast to their posts, and worked with the community to build a solid epidemic prevention and control line, which fully demonstrated the responsibility and responsibility of the court.”On the morning of January 29, Guo Zhuanping, secretary of the Party Committee of Xiagaonian Community in Tongchuan New District, said so, while sending a banner with the words “All will join the city to fight the epidemic and protect safety” to tongchuan Central Hospital.”The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.The police in the sunken community represent the court, show the work style of the court, and more reflect the mission of protecting the safety of the people, which is our bounden responsibility.”Tongchuan Intermediate Party group deputy secretary, vice president Zhou Shaoying said in gratitude.Since the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shaanxi became serious, the Party Leadership Group of Tongchuan Intermediate People’s Hospital has earnestly implemented the overall deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee on epidemic prevention and control. It has dispatched 10 police officers to support community prevention and control, and 66 Party members and 37 ordinary police officers to participate in the joint prevention and control work of the community and Baobao Village as volunteers.At the epidemic prevention and control checkpoints in rural communities, at the homes of residents who “knock on the door and ask for excellent services”, and on the road to deliver epidemic prevention materials to the masses;In the dark winter morning, in the starry night, they left behind the shadow of the court.At the critical moment, they gave full play to the exemplary role of party members and demonstrated the strong style of the court police. They did not turn back and moved forward without fear of difficulties, fully implemented the prevention and control measures, strictly guarded the front line of contact with the people, and built a barrier for epidemic prevention and control with the responsibility of the court, and built a strong battle fortress in the community and countryside.Author: Zhang Wanwan