Pingyu County Fire rescue Brigade: Spring Festival I wrote “dedication blessing”

2022-06-01 0 By

During the Spring Festival, there are such a group of people, they stick to the front line posts, guard the lights of thousands of families, with the mission interpretation of loyalty, the guardian party peace, as their special blessing to their families and society,They are pingyu County fire rescue brigade stick to the first line of emergency rescue firefighters.During the Spring Festival, the reporter saw in the Pingyu County fire rescue brigade Cheyu Avenue fire rescue station, firefighters tidy up the internal affairs, daily training, check equipment…Work is intense and rigorous.The Spring Festival is the winter fire season, fire rescue pressure.Whenever the people celebrate a festival, firefighters should be vigilant and make adequate preparations for fire fighting and rescue, so that everyone can enjoy a safe holiday and escort for safety.”As a Party member, although I feel a little sorry that I can’t go home for the Spring Festival, I still feel it’s worth it to think that the people can have a safe and happy Spring Festival under our protection.”According to Zhang Bo, assistant director of the fire rescue station in Luliang, Shanxi Province, he has been working for nine years this year, and his child is just two months old. But because of the special nature of his work, he can not go home this Year, so he can only send New Year’s greetings to his family via video.This Spring Festival holiday, and all walks of life staff, give up rest, stick to their posts, keep the lights, protect peace reunion.It is because of their hard work that family reunion has been achieved.