Can negative emotions affect the skin?

2022-06-01 0 By

You know what?90% of skin problems are emotional. If you stay up late, lose your temper, or just keep sulking, this article should be read to the end of the day. Finally, I also provide you with a few solutions, so be sure to like it.The first one is that a bad temper is easy to get acne, especially when you fight with someone or encounter something very angry, angry to the kind of stomach pain, can not eat, or even a night of sleep.The next day, you will find that the forehead inexplicable acne, this is a typical performance into the fire attack, when our emotional exposure to the extreme point, it is easy to cause fire, and our face, Yang qi is the most vigorous, so, bad mood is really easy to let acne fall in love with you.The most regrettable thing is that acne will affect the mood, bad mood and easy to acne, this is a vicious cycle.The second is that long-term depression is easy to turn into a woman with a yellow face.If you are introverted personality, unhappy things are always held in the heart can not say, or often sulk, long-term depression of bad emotions, skin will be dark and rough, coarse pores, long scabbers, a long time really will become a yellow woman, and it is also relatively large harm to the body.Third, too much pressure is easy to grow wrinkles, and make our skin aging, especially at a young age, there are some crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, facial relaxation, bags under the eyes is obviously a nightmare for many women.In fact, skin aging and anti-aging are in a dynamic balance.So chronic stress can also trigger the release of free radicals, tipping the balance and speeding up the aging process of our skin.Long-term pressure is too big, people always frown, skin will go down, this is our skin to adapt to the change of mood, so we always feel loose skin.So how should we adjust mood, let the skin ameliorate?First of all, the first method is to listen to music, choose their own music, soft and calm music melody, can give people a feeling of calm mood, can appease people’s mood and a calm mood.The second method, venting method, find your comfortable and safe way to vent some bad and negative emotions, such as speaking out, writing out, running, shopping, exercise and so on, can relieve our negative emotions.Third, it is the transfer method, transfer their attention is also an efficient method, such as their favorite games, girls shopping and so on can release themselves.Did you remember that?I hope my suggestions can help you. Thank you for your support and trust!