What are the job prospects for America’s three most popular majors?

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Many students want to study in the United States, the purpose of studying in the United States is to let themselves have a good prospect of development.The choice of major in the United States is related to the future career trend of students.The following majors have considerable potential for growth in the coming years.3, Finance is the study of the dynamic relationship between assets and liabilities with uncertainty and risk.In this context, assets are resources owned or controlled by a company that are expected to bring economic benefits to the business.Liabilities are current obligations that are expected to result in the outflow of economic benefits from the enterprise.Finance is a very promising profession, and individuals, companies, governments and private institutions are increasingly relying on financial professionals for effective financial management.As a high-risk, high-return finance major, American students can choose financial companies, securities, investment banks, corporate financial departments, insurance, securities, real estate industry, government financial management departments, etc.Many people dream of working in investment banking.The average junior officer works very hard and long hours.Salaries vary greatly from job to job.At a time when STEM is becoming increasingly popular, computer science is the first choice for many students to study in the United States. Computer science is favored by many students because of its broad employment prospects and high salary.Now computer technology has been widely used in daily life, production, scientific research and so on.The computer science major studies the principle and design of computer system and software, studies the application of computer, and mainly trains software professionals.Therefore, its main courses include programming, data structure, computer system organization, Automatic Control and language, algorithm principle, Digital System design, operating system, software Engineering, assembly language, database design principle, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.Projected annual growth rate for future jobs (2016-2026) : 30% Average annual salary:Projected future annual job demand growth (2016-2026) : 9 percent Average annual salary:Projected annual growth rate for future jobs (2016-2026) : 11% Average annual salary:$106,860Web Developer Web Development Projected Annual Demand growth rate for future jobs (2016-2026) : 13% Average annual salary:Projected annual growth rate for future positions (2016-2026) : 6% Average annual salary:Projected annual growth rate for future positions (2016-2026) : 11% Average annual salary: $79,700Electrical Engineering (EE) has always been one of the most popular majors for studying abroad in the United States. With the development of The Times, Electrical Engineer (EE), as a core discipline in the field of modern science and technology, has witnessed the rapid development of science and technology.Since the 21st century, electrical engineering has covered almost all engineering behaviors related to electrons and photons.Electronic engineering in China some schools called electronic engineering and information science, electronic engineering and computer science.The electronic engineering specialty in The United States is quite different from that in China in terms of scientific research, teaching and academic organization.EE in the United States is an internal discipline with strong intersections.The teaching and research fields of electrical engineering in major universities in the United States can be summarized into 11 directions: communication and network, Computer Science and Engineering, Signal processing, system control, electronics and integrated Circuits, photonics and Optics, electric power, electromagnetism, Microstructure, materials and Devices, and biological engineering.EE major has a wide range of employment, and different branches have different employment directions.The most popular fields are communication and network, signal processing, electronics and integrated circuits, computer science and engineering, microstructure, etc.Among them, the future employment prospects of communication and network include telecom and communication sector, telecom and communication equipment manufacturing, etc. In the application, standardized scores are not only important, but also certain relevant background and experience are required.The direction of signal processing has a strong application, a wide range of prospects, can be used in manufacturing, aerospace industry, medicine, military and other fields, focusing on the applicant’s scientific research and practical experience.The major of electronic and integrated circuit has a large number of students and a broad employment space. Graduates can be engaged in chip development, electronic product research and development, etc., and hard indicators such as grades are emphasized in the application.Computer Science and Engineering, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence and robotics, is not widely accepted. Applicants are required to have strong scientific research and professional background.