Production safety new District branch carries out special inspection on food safety during Lantern Festival

2022-05-30 0 By

As a traditional food, yuanxiao (tangyuan) is one of the main foods consumed during the annual Lantern Festival.In order to create a safe consumption environment, to ensure that the broad masses of the people through a healthy and safe, happy and peaceful festival.In recent days, nanhu New District market supervision branch organized staff to carry out special inspection of food safety in the Lantern Festival.The inspection focuses on large supermarkets, small grocery stores.Detailed inspection of the operator whether the license is complete, sales of yuanxiao, dumplings are stored in accordance with the provisions of refrigerated conditions, bulk food containers meet the requirements, food labels and operators of the purchase ledger is complete.Operator strict law enforcement personnel to carry out the stock show me ticket system, parameter registration system, and paper in the process of registration parameter classification preservation, do wholesale channels, formal product traceability supply channels, resolutely put an end to off, the problem such as “3 without” food into the market, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.At the same time, we checked the situation of epidemic prevention and control, conveyed the latest epidemic prevention and control policies to the person in charge, and required supermarkets to implement normal epidemic prevention and control measures, measure the temperature, scan the code, and constantly remind consumers to wear masks.Up to now, a total of 8 inspection sales units, the site has not found unqualified products.In the next step, the New District branch will continue to carry out food safety supervision and inspection and food safety risk investigation.For the people are concerned about the festival of key food, will carry out special inspection, strictly prevent, strictly control food safety risks, build a solid food “safety line”, and strive to let the area of the people to buy at ease, eat at ease.Source: Qian Liya, Market Supervision Bureau