“False gold square with real gold plating, if the real gold is not gold-plated,” arrange three 041 sun tickets

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“Fake gold plated with real gold, if real gold is not gold-plated.”This means that only fake gold will be plated with real gold to make it shine, and if it is real gold, it will shine all over itself.That is to say, if a person has real talent and learning, it is not necessary to rely on the external name to decorate, the truth is the same as fake gold plated.Now, these two lines of li Shen’s poems can be described as great wisdom in life.In fact, not only in the Tang Dynasty, but even in today’s society, “gold-plating” only adds to one’s external decoration, and does not do any harm to one’s moral character, knowledge and talent.That is to say, if a person lacks moral character, knowledge and talent, even if his external shining like real gold, contact with a long time, will naturally find his internal vacancy.Therefore, in our life, some things and some people, do not just look at the appearance, to pay more attention to the inner.”In the first month of the first month, three brothers went to look at the lamp. The deaf led the blind, and the lame followed.”The deaf man said, “The lights and cannons don’t work this year.”The blind man said: “This year’s gun lights unknown.”The lame man said, “Deaf, deaf, blind, this year the lights and cannons are loud and the road is uneven.”This paragraph, we can carefully taste, which has a certain philosophical truth, similar to “the blind men touch the elephant”.Lottery people to the participation of the lottery, but also have a lot of different views, said good, also said bad, whether good or bad, do their own heart, rational view on the line.Don’t just look at the surface, other people’s lucky lottery, for their own, can not prove what, rational purchase color, entertainment.”Really can’t fake, fake really can’t.”Just take things as they come.Don’t go to fantasy and expect too much in life, down-to-earth work, work hard to pay, because in this world, the sky will not fall pie, do not over-indulge in lottery participation.Article first hundred home number, by “caijing heart said”, original editor, no one shall be reproduced without permission!