“Yesterday’s Food” who said that must be vigorous and victorious, the long flow of love is more precious

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The movie version of Yesterday’s Food is composed of several chapters from the original comic book. The story is fast-paced and smooth. The interactions between the characters and the personal theater are lively and interesting, as well as the suspicions and quarrels in the love story, and each episode deepens the bonds between the characters.The film version of yesterday’s food by they player-wise, continuation of leading edge to west island show handsome and affected by the recent international attention last year won the national award the purple ribbon or chapter of infield SAN Yang starring together, the two men’s uncle natural acting, the interactive interpretation of same-sex couples quite lovely, especially in xian two, tripping infield SAN Yang gives the impression of before,He succeeded in portraying the feminine male to perfection.There are also many actors improvising, but also experienced actors accumulated years of experience and strength.The biggest feature of “Yesterday’s Food” series as its name is a lot of “food”, such as desserts, Japanese cuisine, home-style cuisine, Italian cuisine, etc., all appear in this film, which makes people want to have a full meal after watching the movie.It is worth mentioning that in addition to watching the characters enjoy the food, there are many cooking tips, which are relatively rare for the movie theme.Besides full gourmet food, the plot is quite deep, probes into the gay people will face the problem and must be Shared across the plight of other same-sex couples in the small, Mr. Xiang said: “we have this kind of person just because of little things, can never lose favorite person” is to tell the gay couples is not legally binding, the relationship between instability.In addition, the film version also focuses on the relationship between each family, saying that a couple is not just you and me, and the affection with family members must be cherished.The plot of the story is very close to daily life, without too much drama, but there are a lot of warm lines and plots that touch people’s hearts. The gentle words and behaviors of the characters inadvertently reveal, and they think and worry about each other from the bottom of their hearts. It is more penetrating into people’s hearts than sweet words, and it is also more sincere and valuable.It is common to see love movies with great intensity and intense love. Occasionally, you can also get a good understanding of the clear love story like The movie version of Yesterday’s Food.By Mrs Dalloway