Jiangsu’s two “distressed” wines, once household names, are now languishing in supermarkets

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Jiangsu two “distressed” wine, once a household name, now in the supermarket dust no one!The northeast tiger, the northwest Wolf, can’t drink jiangsu sheep.It is said that people in Jiangsu can drink more than people in northeast China and Gansu.In many people’s eyes, Jiangsu is jiangnan area, should be graceful pronprons, is not to drink wine, but the fact is just the opposite, Jiangsu people drink very strong, and Jiangsu but Chinese liquor consumption big province in the first three, in Jiangsu, drinking is boxes of boxes to drink, the end of the bowl on the table.Jiangsu province, not just the liquor consumption and wine making big province, can Sue wine sales throughout the country in the top three, such as known as “blue classic series” is the representative of suzhou wine, of course, suzhou is not only “blue classic series”, it also has other good wine, like yanghe daqu, Shang Gou, are former household good wine,Unfortunately, because of various reasons behind, gradually declining, is very distressed.Yanghe Daqu refers to Yanghe Daqu, many people do not know this wine, but you need to know that before yanghe Blue classic has not come out, the whole Yanghe brewery is supported by Yanghe Daqu, yanghe used to be popular all over the sky, once there was a situation of short supply.Until the 20th century, Yanghe still relied on Yanghe Daqu, now the market competition is very fierce, Yanghe Daqu was routed by peers, Yanghe Group was on the verge of bankruptcy.In order to change this situation, Yanghe Group launched the “Yanghe Blue classic series” liquor, the main high-end market, and Yanghe Daqu has therefore fallen from the second line, very embarrassed, although it is still producing wine now, but both the reputation and sales, are not as good as before.Tanggou Daqu is a luzhou-flavor liquor, before the development of Yanghe, Tanggou is the big brother of Su liquor, elegant entrance, pure cotton and cool is its characteristics, once tanggou, best-selling all over the country, once the top of liquor.Unfortunately, at the end of the 20th century, liquor competition was fierce, Tanggou failed to seize the opportunity, was caught up by other brands of liquor, until beyond, since then, Tanggou has been on the decline, the old Su liquor big brother, has changed from Tanggou to Yanghe.The decline of the above two famous wine, sad at the same time, more is a pity, after all, they were once a household good wine, but now such a mess, let a person feel regret.In fact, this is not only the case with Su Wine, but also with wines from other provinces, such as the following two wines.Yuande Imitation Tai Liquor is produced in Maotai Town, Guizhou Province. It is a pure maotai-flavor liquor.Raw materials using high-quality sorghum, wheat, chishui river water, adhere to the ancient method, pure grain brewing.To create pure grain good wine, is the original intention of the wine maker, so this wine from brewing to come out, have spent a long time, even so, it is still through thousands of xin, appeared in front of the wine friends, this wine out, will sweep the entire guizhou land, guizhou people have become good wine rations on the wine table.Unfortunately, it is a good wine, if it were not so strong advocacy, also is doomed to be buried, apparently, edge copy machine is so wine, will all effort on creating quality, to keep pace with subsequent propaganda, lead to the outside world know too little of it, so, even if the outside world as well meet it in the supermarket, also don’t recognize, it also makes a good wine in guizhou compared with other wine,Slightly disconcerted.Yangshao wine yangshao wine is produced in Henan province, is a representative of henan wine, is also a geographical indication products.Supposed, as local wine, the fame of yangshao wine should not small, but with fellow henan baofeng wine, zhanggong, luoyang swallow dish, compared to the fame of yangshao wine but much smaller, and the cause of all this, mainly propaganda is not enough, a lot of wine to be forgotten, because the quality is getting worse, and yangshao wine quality perfect, is not say story.Throughout the above four wines, we found that if a wine wants to be known, in addition to maintaining quality, necessary publicity is also indispensable. After all, the era when wine is not afraid of alley has passed.