Jinjiang Anhai 9 municipal key projects opened and completed

2022-05-27 0 By

In the morning of February 16, Anhai Town, Jinjiang held the opening (ending) of major projects in the first quarter of 2022, setting off a new round of projects to promote development upsurge, to achieve a good start to the town’s first quarter project construction and annual economic development goals and tasks to lay a solid foundation.February 15, yangzheng Middle School development Zone project started.Reporter Dong Yan army was taken the concentrated KaiJunGong municipal key projects, a total of nine, including 5 construction projects, including the city green building materials research regional headquarters and production base project of quanzhou, help DE machinery production projects, LingSheng hardware production, LiuFeng auto parts production projects, yongqing machinery production, etc., with a total investment of about 580 million yuan.4 completed projects, including Lishong New material production project, Phase I project of Yangzheng Central Primary School (new campus), Hengchang Machinery production project and Liancheng Machinery manufacturing project, with a total investment of 570 million yuan.These completed projects involve industrial transformation and upgrading, people’s livelihood development and other fields, which are an important reflection of Anhai town’s accelerating industrial upgrading, elongating industrial chain and optimizing industrial structure, injecting strong impetus and vitality into anhai’s efforts to achieve high-quality development.Starts on the day of the project, with a total investment of 120 million yuan of build good garden green building materials research regional headquarters and production base project of quanzhou is technology research as the core of green building materials industry, construction, environmental protection, garden “modernized” totally enclosed green concrete production workshop, the demonstration project can produce 700000 cubic meters a year after the production of concrete, realize the output value 300 million yuan,The tax can reach 20 million yuan.Yongqing machinery production project is expected to invest 120 million yuan, plan to introduce domestic advanced technology assembly line and intelligent CNC machine tools, the project will produce PVC high intelligent shoemaking machine 300 sets, realize output value of 150 million yuan, tax up to 4 million yuan.To pursue projects is to pursue development, and to pursue projects is to seek the future.Concentrated KaiJunGong activity einhell China town in this project, in-depth implementation of the higher authority related conference spirit and jinjiang municipal party committee and municipal government “WuGe year” decision deployment of action, to mobilize the whole town and work diligently, namely, power, it starts to open year sprint, go all out to catch, catch big projects, maintained a strong project crucial competition atmosphere.It is reported that in 2022, Anhai plans to promote the construction of 64 key projects with an annual planned investment of 5.495 billion yuan.Einhell China town officials said, the New Year, sea town will be in jinjiang the strong leadership of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government, pushing forward the construction of the project with greater strength stronger measures to strengthen organizational guarantee, go all out to promote the project starts early, early, early completion and put into production, early work, strive to achieve “good start” stable “open” in the first quarter, ensure the full-year target task.(Reporter Lin Yiting) Source: Jinjiang News network