In February, with frequent cold waves, Helian electric heating is designed for the elderly, making it comfortable and not noisy

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The festival is getting closer and closer, and the taste is getting stronger and stronger. The tickets and tickets for home have already been bought, waiting for the moment of the holiday.What gifts should I bring to my parents when I go home this year?There will be a cold wave in February in the future. You can choose suitable heating equipment for the elderly and prepare for heating early.According to the prediction of the National Climate Center, the cold air activity will be stronger in January and February this year, and the temperature in most parts of central and eastern China may be lower than the same period of the previous year, and there is a great possibility of periodic extreme cold wave events.Old people winter, especially to pay attention to cold weather.As winter cold wave is especially cold, human metabolism is slow, especially the elderly, easy to induce heart and lung diseases.Because it is cold, the blood transport of the nasal mucosa of the elderly is reduced, the adhesion of the nose to the bacteria and the heating effect of the air will be weakened, so that the air with the bacteria is directly inhaled into the lungs, thereby increasing the risk of respiratory tract infection, inducing asthma, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease and other cardiopulmonary diseases.Therefore, extreme cold weather must do a good job of heating the elderly warm work, nip in the bud.During the pandemic, we often stayed at home, as did the elderly.If there is no heating equipment in the house, we have to wear thick clothes everywhere, walking and doing things are very fettered, very uncomfortable, not to mention the elderly, their movement is more inconvenient.Installation of electric heaters in the home, warmly welcomed by a lot of families, simple and fast installation, no impact on life.Electric heaters on the market are diverse, the good and the bad are uneven, I recommend the choice of French Heliom (Helian) electric heating, from The French Bordeaux region, trustworthy.Helian electric heating built-in high performance thermal conductivity fluid or Alpine high quality SLATE, with super heat storage capacity, to set the temperature no longer use electricity, by their own heat storage to maintain room temperature, energy saving, in line with the spirit of thrift, they are more willing to enjoy.Helian electric heating heat dissipation mode combined with radiation and flow heat dissipation, the heating process is mild, bring warm and comfortable home environment for the old man, will not let the old man feel hot and intense;And the whole house heating effect, even in the corner of the room will not feel cold, the old man up at night is no longer afraid of cold.In addition, Helian electric heating using electric heating, do not need to install boilers, pipes, etc., use no noise, sleep shallow old people can sleep peacefully.Home with electric heating, dressing is simple, the elderly action is convenient, mentality will be better.Some people say that old people do not like to live with young people, they always live in old houses.Can an old house also be heated by electricity?The answer is yes.Choose superior performance of Hailian wall-mounted electric heating, the heating temperature of the old house can also achieve balance and comfort.After regular installation design of electric heating can make the room comfort and energy saving to achieve the best.Whether it is Heliansedia thermal storage SLATE, or Liya high performance thermal conductivity fluid, can do this.Helian electric heating will combine radiation and convection heat dissipation, can quickly achieve the comfortable effect of whole house heating, will not appear the defect of “near hot and far cold”, but also avoid the dilemma of “where to move”.And Helian electric heating does not damage the wall, and there is no plumbing, installed in the old house is appropriate.In addition, helian electric heating thermostat is easy to operate, even if the elderly can be easily controlled.LEA series mechanical knob temperature control and STEA liquid crystal intelligent temperature control, high temperature control precision, temperature difference can be controlled at 0.1℃.The mechanical knob temperature control is suitable for the elderly operation, simple and clear, open can be used.LCD electronic temperature control, strong sense of science and technology, young people prefer.For the elderly, a good night’s sleep is the key to good energy.Helian electric heating designed for the elderly, comfortable heating, no noise, a night of sleep.Sleep well, have a peaceful and optimistic attitude, health and longevity.