How will operators build power networks in 2022?

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The construction of power grid, let electricity into thousands of households, promote the human society into the electrical era;The popularity of the Internet has made information readily available and led the information society to prosperity.Computing networks will play an equally important role, providing essential support for the digital economy to flourish.Since last year, this concept, which originated in the information and communication industry, has been mentioned frequently and quickly.With the development of technology, computing power is becoming as important a productivity as electricity.In the digital era, computing power has become an important indicator to measure the level of economic development of a country, a region or even an enterprise.As a productive force, computational force is playing an increasingly important role.To this end, China has issued a number of policies to “promote the coordinated development of cloud networks and computer networks”, accelerate the construction of a national integrated big data center system of computing power, algorithm, data and application resources coordination, and push the attention on computing power network to a new level.From local optimal solution to global optimal solution Computing power network not only contains powerful computing power infrastructure, but also depends on a network base with large bandwidth, low delay, high reliability and easy scheduling.Over the past decades, fiber optic networks, as the main carrier of the information revolution, have laid the foundation for the development of mobile communications, broadband, Internet, cloud computing and other services, and will continue to play an important role in the foreseeable future.Upgrading on top of government-enterprise OTN may be a shortcut to high-quality computing power networks.At present, China’s three major operators have built more than 70 government-enterprise OTN networks, which have a good coverage foundation from the state to the province. Moreover, government-enterprise OTN business has become a powerful engine for operators to increase their income, which also urges all regions to continue to increase investment, accelerate subsidence, and achieve wider coverage.On the other hand, government-enterprise OTN has built a dedicated line connection for enterprises and cloud that can guarantee large bandwidth, stable low delay, high security, high reliability and flexibility, laying a foundation for computing power network with super capacity.For example, 0.1% packet loss leads to 50% computational power loss, while the packet loss rate of OTN line’s original rigid pipe is almost 0.Government-enterprise OTN continues to move toward computing power network operators upgrade government-enterprise OTN to computing power network, and the following four elements can not be ignored:The first is the construction of time delay circle. Based on OTN network, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other regions have been constructing millisecond level time delay circle of 1ms within the city, 5ms within the province and 10ms within the region, which not only realizes the enterprise to obtain cloud computing power without delay, but also makes the distributed coordination between computing power hubs possible.The second is the integration of optical cloud, the three operators will cloud network integration as an important strategic direction, the current group and the provincial government and enterprise OTN network has basically and the group cloud or provincial construction cloud connectivity foundation.In the future, we will continue to promote the pre-deployment of OTN network, cloud pool and computing power hub connection, and realize the integration of optical cloud, so that when enterprises need cloud pool computing power, they can cascade to the cloud in minutes.The third is ubiquitous access. In the computing power demand side, it is also necessary to provide ubiquitous light connection to create high-speed entrance of computing power.Through E2E OTN, P2MP (PON+OTN fusion), SDH+OTN and other ways, it can meet the demands of different enterprises for computing power access, so that enterprises can quickly access the government and enterprise OTN network whenever and wherever they want, and realize the “jump into computing”, computing power is immediately available.The fourth is network collaboration. The intelligent control system deployed in OTN network is embedded in the production system of OPERATOR BSS/OSS to realize the automation and intelligence of private lines, rapid opening of private lines and bandwidth adjustment as required.At the same time, in collaboration with cloud management system and network management and control system, it will evolve to automatic driving integrated with computing network, promote the comprehensive optimal and efficient scheduling of computing network resources, and accelerate the realization of the goal of “computing network linkage and network adjustment”.★ From the official launch of the “East and West computing” project to the release of the “14th Five-year” digital Economy Development Plan “, for the development of computing power network press the “fast forward key”, a new wave of climax is coming.The continuous upgrading of government-enterprise OTN and the construction of all-optical base may enable the construction of computing power network to get twice the result with half the effort, thus helping operators to seize this important opportunity.