School is coming soon!These tips help children adjust their mental state

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As school nears, these symptoms may be catching up with kids heading back to school: feeling depressed, distracted and distracted;And the bed is inseparable, and computer, and TV, and mobile phone inseparable…How to let the child adjust the state, when the school can smoothly return to study life?One is to adjust the schedule.In the holidays, many children’s work and rest is not regular, if not adjusted in advance, the beginning of the school will usually appear inattention, poor spirit and other states, affecting children’s learning adaptation.Before school, parents can make a with children and school life is close to schedule, according to school’s time to get up, sleep, study, sports, gradually increase the time to study every day, reduce such as watching TV, playing mobile phone, say goodbye to loose, let the life recovery, after the start of this helps children to adapt to study life.The second is to help the children.Parents and children can review their vacation plans together, see what has been accomplished and what has not been accomplished, summarize experiences and lessons learned, and share gains and regrets.This “review” method can help children timely check deficiencies, develop reflective learning habits, is an important way of learning.At the same time, in this way, children can also understand that the holiday life is coming to an end, and they need to change their life state and return to the school life stage.But parents need to be clear, the child’s state transformation often takes a period of time, do not rush, otherwise it will bring too much psychological burden to the child.Third, make a study plan.Near the beginning of the school, parents should timely check whether their children’s winter vacation homework is completed, completed can review the knowledge of the last semester, but also preview the learning content of the next semester.At the same time, parents guide children according to the current real level, put forward reasonable expectations for themselves, determine the progress of the new semester goals, such as the new semester to improve the scores of several courses, to master what new skills, and so on.Make a study plan, set up feasible goals, can help children clear direction, eliminate the sense of blindness, but also help children better into the new semester of learning.Four is more communication with children.Constructing children’s positive emotions is not to teach children to be blindly optimistic, or deny or avoid negative emotions.Adequate security, a warm and welcoming family atmosphere and unconditional love but conditional rewards provide an emotional safety net.When a child cries, parents can put their hand on his hand to make him feel that someone understands him;Parents can guide their children to draw, doodle, in fact, the child draws a lot of what he wants to express;Can also guide children through singing and dancing, the repressed emotions expressed out;You can let the child talk about happy things, listen to the child, more understanding of his state.Parents should spend more time with their children, understand their true thoughts, and help them “say goodbye” to negative attitudes, so as to meet the school year at full speed.Five is to communicate more with teachers.Although the holiday is short, but there may be some changes between the students to get together again, encourage children to contact students and teachers in advance, share the holiday news and “news”, care about each other, express miss and look forward to the new semester.In this way, not only can enhance the feelings between students, teachers and students, but also conducive to the development of children’s interpersonal skills.Parents should communicate with teachers about their children’s learning and living conditions, and work together at home and school to contribute to their children’s growth and development.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is any source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, and we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)