Nanchang metro line 2 east extension project at full throttle production

2022-05-23 0 By

Nanchang News network – “wear masks, wash hands frequently, tighten prevention and control, steady production…”Entering the construction site of Lenshang Station of East Extension project of Nanchang Metro Line 2 of CCCC Transportation, the propaganda slogan of epidemic prevention and control was posted in a prominent position on the site. The workers were working nervously and orderly, and the site was orderly, showing a busy construction scene.It is understood that nanchang metro Line 2 east extension project line 10.42 km, all underground line, a total of 9 stations.”We are currently cutting the road surface to prepare for the pipeline relocation, which is expected to be completed by the end of this month.”Nanchang construction traffic line 2 east extension project Lingshang station area head said.”We are focusing on epidemic prevention and production at the same time.We conscientiously implemented epidemic prevention and control measures, purchased nucleic acid test strips, organized nucleic acid tests for all staff once a week, and ensured nucleic acid self-tests for field staff once a day.At the entrance and exit of each construction site, epidemic prevention management personnel are arranged to check the code and temperature of vehicles and people entering the site one by one to ensure the health of people entering the site and ensure the stable and orderly construction of the project.”Bai Yang, safety director of nanchang Metro Line 2 East Extension Project Department of CCCC Communications, said that in order to ensure the smooth progress of the east extension project of Nanchang Metro Line 2, the project department has done relevant epidemic prevention work in advance, conducted strict checks on all construction personnel, and established a “one person, one class”.At the same time, the project department implements closed management, and conducts daily temperature monitoring, on-site construction education and epidemic prevention knowledge publicity for the construction staff every day, so as to ensure that the production work is “not left behind”.”Going forward, we will implement dynamic and scientific management in strict accordance with the requirements, effectively implement epidemic prevention and control and work safety work in detail, and do everything possible to speed up the construction process and ensure that the construction task is completed on schedule and with high quality.”Sunlit baiyang said.(Wu Qingyuan nanchang Daily reporter Lu Mengmeng) Article source: Leju buying a house