Feng: The Spring Festival is the biggest intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese nation

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“What makes us remember years so well?It’s culture.”On the afternoon of January 24, Feng Jicai, a famous writer and cultural scholar, delivered a lecture on the theme of “Happy New Year with Good New Year Culture” through the live broadcast of tianjin University’s “Air Lecture Hall”.According to Feng, the Spring Festival is the biggest intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.For the revitalization of the Chinese nation, Chinese cultural heritage needs to be deeply recognized by people, and only in this way can cultural consciousness and confidence be generated.With great interest, he recounted the “busy Year” events from the little New Year to the New Year’s Eve, such as sweeping houses, pasting paper-cut Windows and stewing tofu, which were compiled into catchy songs by people everywhere.The year is approaching day by day, the atmosphere of the year is strong day by day.As a matter of fact, people have gradually entered the rhythm of Spring Festival since they have a mouthful of hot porridge on laba Day.Feng jicai pointed out that the year is the product of farming civilization, people according to the nature of life cycle of the four seasons production arrangements, spring sowing, summer seeding, autumn harvest, winter storage, life is also with the rhythm of the four seasons and the law of production, day after day.The relationship between man and nature is the unity of nature and man.But people also have to create some “climax” in their ordinary daily life — that is, festivals.For example, each season has an important festival, qingming festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, Spring Festival, corresponding to spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively.Poets have written countless poems about these festivals, from which we can feel that the festivals are full of people’s sensitivity to nature and feelings.”In these festivals, the year has a special meaning,” Feng said. “The four seasons go round and the year goes round. The year is the end of the previous cycle and the beginning of a new one.Standing on the node of the life of nature, facing the big blank days in front of us, people are full of hope, dream and expectation, so there is a special psychology — nian psychology.”What kind of psychology do people have?Feng jicai believes that it is mainly “praying for good fortune” and “warding off evil spirits”.”Blessing” is all the good things and opportunities in life, “evil” is all the bad things and accidents in life.New Year will be in the old and new cycle of nodes, off the past, the “evil” block, face the future, the “blessing” in.This kind of mentality, big to the peaceful country and people, good weather, small to health, family and beauty, in the Spring Festival, all appear.It is extremely intense, idealistic, passionate.What is it expressed in?With culture.This cultural expression is the folk custom of Spring Festival.”Folklore is a cultural way that is recognized by a region and a nation and passed down from generation to generation,” Feng explained.From ancient times, it has been handed down to the present day, forming a set of large scale, profound meaning, brilliant and intensive forms and complete customs.”In the past, the Chinese celebrated the Festival from laba to the 15th day of the first lunar month, which lasts about 40 days.Feng jicai pointed out that the most important part of the long Chinese New Year is The Lunar New Year’s Eve, or New Year’s Eve, and the core of New Year’s Eve is the Lunar New Year’s Dinner.New Year’s Eve, “night even two years old, five more points two years”, is a magical moment, at this time the family produced a huge magnetic force, the old and young together, children filial piety to their parents, moral and emotional once again strengthened.”Home New Year’s Day” has become the most local feelings and human affection of a word.”In case you are in a foreign land and cannot go back home, you must call your parents on New Year’s Eve. At this time, your voice is different from usual. That is the DNA of national culture on you.””Due to people’s deep feelings and expectations for the New Year and their expectations for life in the coming year, a lot of seasonal goods are coming out to meet the New Year’s mood,” Feng said. “Such as Spring Festival couplets, the character fu (福), rice cakes, paper-cuts, New Year paintings, lanterns, velvet flowers for the elderly and lucky money for children.”Feng jicai, who led a survey of New Year paintings conducted by the Chinese Folk Cultural Heritage Rescue Project, said he had collected more than 10,000 New Year paintings from 40 places of origin, “less than one percent of folk New Year paintings.People use countless New Year pictures to comfort their hearts.”Feng jicai mentioned that a tang Dynasty Spring Festival couplet was found in the Cave of Dunhuang. “Three Yang began to spread, and four sequences began to open,” feng said.There are countless creations around the year, and these creations come from people’s feelings towards life.”We Chinese are so good at living that we can turn a natural day into a cultural day, warming up our hometown, homeland and people.People use red to express warm and happy, eat delicious food, wear new clothes, and bless each other with auspicious words. All people are smiling, and their dreams in daily life are realized on this day.”Mr. Feng could not help but sigh: “Year is a magnifying day, in the day of year, the reality is idealized, the ideal is realistic.What a great creation for the Chinese!”