The provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision publicly notified 5 cases of spiritual typical problems in violation of the CPC Central Committee’s eight-point regulations

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Tomb-sweeping Day is approaching, for further education to alert the broad masses of party members and cadres in the province to be strict with themselves, incorruptness and integrity, and to create a good atmosphere of wind qingqi is clean and clean, recently, the provincial commission for Discipline inspection and supervision publicly notified 5 violations of the central eight provisions of the spirit of typical problems.Yang Junjie, a former member of the Leading Party Group of the Xinxiang Municipal People’s Congress standing Committee, received gifts that may affect the impartial performance of official duties, illegally entered a private club, and accepted a banquet that may affect the impartial performance of official duties.Before the Spring Festival in 2017 and 2018, Yang junjie received 12 cases of special Moutai liquor, worth 218,400 yuan, from the legal representative of a real estate company.From 2018 to 2021, Yang was entertained several times at a private club in Xuchang.From 2019 to 2021, when Yang was vice mayor and public security chief of Xinxiang city, he was entertained and drank Maotai liquor several times by the actual controller of a hotel in his district.Yang junjie also has other serious violations of discipline and law.In January 2022, Yang junjie was expelled from the CPC and removed from public office, and his suspected crimes were transferred to the procuratorial organs for investigation and prosecution.Wang Ping, the former second-level police commissioner of the provincial Public Security Department, accepted banquets that may affect the impartial execution of official duties, illegally accepted gifts, and reimbursed personal expenses with public funds.At the end of 2020, Wang ping received 10,000 yuan as a gift from the target.In 2021, I worked as a supervisor in a city under the jurisdiction of the provincial government and accepted banquets and hot springs arranged by the management objects.From 2017 to 2020, Wang reimbursed more than 280,000 yuan in personal expenses from public funds.Wang Ping also has other serious violations of discipline and law.In April 2022, Wang Ping was expelled from the CPC and removed from public office, and his suspected crimes were transferred to the procuratorial organs for investigation and prosecution.Sanmenxia Hubin District People’s Procuratorate Party secretary, chief procurator, three-level senior prosecutor Jiang Xiaoping long-term loan management service object vehicle problem.From 2013 to 2015, Jiang Xiaoping, then chief procurator of Lingbao People’s Procuratorate, borrowed a car from a company in Lingbao city for a long time, and the car costs were borne by the Lingbao People’s Procuratorate.Jiang also has other disciplinary problems.In December 2021, Jiang Xiaoping received a severe warning from the Party.Xiping County water bureau party secretary, director, three – level researcher Jiao Chunping and other public funds tourism problems.In April 2019, Jiao led a team to Shenzhen, accompanied by four people, including his wife and relatives.During the expedition, Jiao chunping and others visited many scenic spots in Shenzhen, and the relevant catering and travel expenses were paid by others.After returning home, Jiao chunping and others reimbursed transportation, accommodation and other expenses in violation of regulations and received business trip subsidies.In December 2021, Jiao was given a disciplinary warning by the Party and his income was confiscated, while others were punished accordingly.Yuzhou Huolong Town Party secretary Song Weina, mayor Zhang Keya, deputy mayor Cao Xufeng and other people in the epidemic prevention and control ineffective.On January 2, 2022, in accordance with the requirements of Yuzhou city’s epidemic prevention and control work, Huolong Town was included in the control area, and people were not allowed to enter or leave.On January 4, Guo Changgen, a member of guolou Village Committee in Huolong Town, illegally organized his father’s funeral, with 51 relatives and villagers attending.In January 2022, Song Weina and Zhang Keya were admonished, Bao leader Cao Xufeng received a party warning and a demerit, Guo Changgen was placed on probation for two years and ordered to resign from the Village Committee, and others were admonished.Provincial commission for Discipline inspection and supervision pointed out that the implementation of the central committee of the spirit of the eight provisions, is the party cadres to defend the “two establishment”, practice the “two maintenance” of the political test, must be seen from the political, from the political grasp.At present, there are still a few cadres do not know convergence, serious fluke psychology, weak sense of discipline, with the body test discipline broken law, finally by the party discipline and the law of the country severely punished.The notification of the above five cases is to send a strong signal that the eight-point Decision of the CPC Central Committee is an iron rule and a firm bar, to consolidate the high-pressure posture of cracking down on the “four Winds, Four winds” whenever it appears, and to alert party members and officials to strengthen their political consciousness of strictly observing rules and not crossing the bottom line.Provincial commission for Discipline inspection supervision stressed that the 19th central commission for discipline inspection of the sixth plenary session standing in the strategic height of the party’s own revolution on the continuous strengthening of the central eight provisions of the dam made deployment.Party organizations at all levels should earnestly shoulder the political responsibility, grasp the style of discipline understanding abuses and corruption are the dangers of people who share the same table, and must not be breeding has been in place, yan yan, accurately grasp the stage characteristics of the construction of the style, style of party discipline, together is anti-corruption body catch wind, constantly promote the development of style construction, high quality,We will make new achievements in our work to welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress.Discipline inspection organs at all levels should be based on their role to provincial party committee “ability style construction year” activities as an opportunity, solidly carry out illegal to eat and drink, in violation of special gifts gift “two violations” problem, the problems of “four winds” treats serious remedy to cure, accurate, especially to dig investigate with corrupt change characteristics of food and drink, illegal receive gifts gift and other ills,Strive to find and investigate the leading cadres illegal to buy, feeding and consumption maotai rare wines, is firmly clear use of maotai and other rare wine interest exchange, request another’s help, such as the hidden social corruption, pays special attention to the warning education using typical cases, and in case of shi ji, promote renovation, promoting the governance with case by case, resolutely prevent “the wind of luxury in glass” rebound damping.The provincial commission for Discipline inspection and Supervision stressed that as The Qingming Festival approaches, discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should strengthen overall planning and integrated promotion, and do not relax the supervision of epidemic prevention and control and the implementation of the eight-point regulations of the CPC Central Committee.We must focus on a small number of key areas and weak links to strengthen the defense line for epidemic prevention and control and work style improvement.Party members and leading officials should be urged to take the lead in changing customs and customs, and adopt online and flower offerings to lead a new trend of civilized worship.To increase the intensity of special inspection, random inspection, timely discover and violations of the epidemic prevention and control of discipline, do not bear, not as formalism, bureaucracy, and during the festival the prone “holiday” and invisible variation problem of “four winds”, and resolutely prevent the outbreak of during the festival the rebound problem of “four winds” resurgence,To spend a clean, safe festival to provide discipline style guarantee.Source: Henan Daily client