Putian | buddhist, merlin to the hustle and bustle of the world to a moment of peace

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When the bell of Meifeng Temple rings throughout the world, the first ray of sunshine in the morning is bound to come as promised.As the sun rises, the world wakes up and gets busy again.The dining-room on both sides of temple and booth are always the earliest to open, fireworks and ancient temple bell rise together diffuse, constantly impact passers-by taste buds, although in a hurry, but do not block the faint scent that blows on the face is reminding people, again busy also cannot short-changed oneself.Go to the breakfast place down the street, sit down and order a hot breakfast and savor it.Different from the soybean milk fried dough sticks that are standard in most parts of the country, putian breakfast has its unique flavor and heritage with sea breeze and mountain flavor.Fry ji, soybean milk fry, pot edge paste, still have the fry bag at the school entrance…Can help people start a full day, which is what most Putian people remember from their school days.It was a busy, ordinary day with people coming and going.The monks at the temple had already begun their morning classes, chanting their sutras to provide a moment of calm in a noisy world.In twos and threes the children, some are talking about last night’s exercises, some are playing with each other, as the classroom bell rings, all head into the school gate, ran into the classroom.The primary school across the street from Meifeng Temple is called Meifeng Primary School.The earliest memory of Meifeng Temple comes from his Alma mater Meifeng Primary School.Every time I came home from school and waited for the school bus, the square in front of the Temple temple was the paradise for my friends and me to play. At that time, I had no idea about the temple and never thought of going there, but I could feel the solemn and solemn atmosphere of the temple.Just remember the temple gate square is very big, enough for me and my friends to run about for a while, giving vent to the excess energy.The past smoke, carefree happy childhood as if yesterday, and as if has been a century.Hibiscus, floating life has not rest, all the way forward, first through the King of Heaven, you can see song Huizong royal book to give plaque “Merlin Buddha”, as the king of a country, Song Huizong is obviously incompetent, but his artistic level is really commendable.Then up the stairs, across the Hall of Great Courage, to the hall of great Compassion, is a large merlin.It may be because mei and the temple have been intertwined since ancient times, so every time they meet, they look particularly beautiful.Plum accounted for spring first, Linghan early, and pine bamboo as three friends, proud ice and snow and alone yan.Fragrance floating, Mei Xiang Qin heart, heart and lung god bone are clear, heaven and earth why this fairyland?Meifeng light filial piety Temple, also known as plum hill in ancient times, so the mountain full of plum trees named.Sui and Tang Dynasties, Meifeng only guanyin pavilion.In 1085, in the eighth year of the Yuanfeng Reign of Emperor Shenzong of the Song Dynasty, Li Pangu, the owner of Meifeng, asked Guanyin for a happy son, and expanded the meizi Hill by more than 100 mu to become a Buddhist temple.The temple is located in Shengli North Street, Chengxiang District, Putian City. Meifeng Temple has a long history, far-reaching influence and grand scale. Together with Guanghua Temple, Kushan Temple and Nangshan Temple, meifeng Temple is known as one of the four jungles of Putian Buddhism.The famous “Morning bell of Plum Temple” has a long history and is one of the 24 scenic spots in Putian.Shuying oblique water shallow, incense floating on dusk.Stranger scenery thick place, the first cold plum spit.Zero completion of the mud grinding dust, only the same as before…Plum blossom ambition high and clean, since ancient times is the literati to sing the first object, perseverance, unyielding plum blossom spirit is worth people to learn.When the plum blossom is in full bloom, a little bit of spread even into a film, the world of the Meifeng temple from the ordinary to the ranks of the extraordinary: white like snow, powder like xia, pleasing to the eye, Mei Xiang tangy, making people drunk.In recent years, Meifeng Temple has become a popular spot on the Internet, with people coming to see the flowers in an endless stream. The swaying shadows of the flowers are an area of competition between busy bees and tourists.More light on the drums sounded and western clouds, the mixture gradually filled the earth, and the birds at nest, the noise for a day, temple gradually calm, the quartet visitors on the way home, the monks also ended a day of practice, in this flower bloom seems it is not uncommon, in the eyes of buddhists, everything is all in the mind, in the face of the world, beautiful scenery, has long been a peep,Can be calm.For us mortals, there is nothing better than a good dinner and a good night’s sleep.Time is easy to throw people away, not good and say goodbye to the old year, unknowingly the New Year is coming, time is always in a hurry, even if there are thousands of reluctant to give up, but this is the inevitable change of the year, is also the normal cycle of the four seasons.Thousands of red and purple arrangements, only to wait for the first sound of new thunder.Pack up the mood, embrace the New Year, to this millennium ancient temple to meet the first bloom of the New Year, let us in the world fireworks arbitrary life, let us every day in the future, both pleasant surprise, also have harvest comfort.May the time of our winter, safe and sound, happiness!Reprinted source: Putian Literature Travel