Harry Potter mobile game design competition is underway, and black hair is the most popular!Player: blunt

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Recently, RPG card game Harry Potter: The Magic Awakens hosted a big event — the Design Competition!Theme of fashion, not limit fixed theme, as a result, many great god players in start-up period, created more than hundreds of different styles, design exquisite works, we take a look at ~ (figure source @ small rings, players @ kwai gawk blue peacock as inspiration, fusion of modern clothing characteristic, peacock feathers elements as the main design, using a special process design, new style,The visual effect of color matching is strong.Go up with silver hair, green beautiful pupil, hand holding wand, full of exotic amorous feelings, very mysterious wizard feeling ~ a lot of players see this set have praised, big shout “PEACOCK messenger I can!!”After all, who could resist black and silver hair?What’s more, also look forward to the god can design with the white peacock as the inspiration of the design, it can be seen that players were deeply attracted by the peacock as the inspiration of the fashion, really love love!!Players @ Rico44444 rose flowers as the main design inspiration, red with green color is acosmia feeling, works with rose in full bloom in the form of painting in train, in this beautiful clothing, players will also incarnate the flora in the wizarding world ~ in many wife to the world as the main design ideas at the same time, there are designers to blend in the circus fashion,It gives witches a different temperament.(Photo source @@雬雬 want to be cute) The player @雬雬 want to be cute mainly refer to the striped packaging of Bertie Every Flavour Beans, the ribbon label, the star element, the cavalry man hat and the magic circus diamond, fold front, poker soldiers and other elements, the color block has a strong sense of integrity, rich materials.The idea is novel and bold, the details are also very clever, so that the circus fashion coruscate a different kind of clever and dynamic.Jamjam combines beer butter and fashion, around the soft foam of beer and butter as the core to increase the sense of layers, the shape is smart, very elegant ~ double braided women, more added a little lovely breath, men’s suit shorts, more handsome!The Harry Potter Mobile Game Design Competition will be open for submissions on February 23.In the reward, the official is also to the full sincerity, millions of cash reward, only waiting for players to receive!!One of the first prize, prepared 200,000 cash + peripheral gift package + limited picture box competition, not as exciting as action!If you can’t get 200,000, you can try weibo interactive award!!As long as you post your high-quality works with the weibo topic # Magic Awakening Design Contest # during the competition, if your works are forwarded, liked and commented by the official, you will have the chance to get a peripheral gift package!!Friends rush duck!!