Dongan County Chuan Yan township: Tomb-sweeping Day eve, martyrs memorial

2022-05-21 0 By

Today, Yongzhou news (Correspondent Tang Peng) On March 30, 2022, the Service station of veterans in Chuanyan Township carried out the tomb sweeping work on the eve of Qingming Festival while earnestly preventing and controlling COVID-19.Chuan Yan township veteran service station advocates online worship, encourage everyone to sacrifice for martyrs through the tomb of flowers, wipe tombstones, cleaning weeds and other green civilized way to worship martyrs.In the afternoon, chuan Yan township ex-servicemen service station staff with wo City village cadres to wo City, songjiang martyrs tomb group cleaning, weed removal, with their own practical action to express the memory of the martyrs.Due to the epidemic prevention and control work needs, chuanyan township martyrs cemetery will not receive the gathering of memorial activities.