Leng Liang supervised the work of snow and ice weather protection in Majitang Town

2022-05-20 0 By

On the afternoon of February 7, Leng Liang, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee and head of the United Front Work Department, went to Majitang Township to supervise the work of ensuring supplies and supplies in the snow and ice weather. Wu Hequan, deputy head of the county, attended the visit.In Majitang town government, Leng Liang listened to the main person in charge of the town of snow and ice weather protection work to carry out the report.Later, Leng Liang and his delegation visited tangwan Ferry and Xiaofengxi Village committee to supervise the ferry’s suspension and epidemic prevention and control work.Leng praised the work the town has done to deal with the snow and ice.He stressed that during the Spring Festival, freezing rain and snow will continue, the whole town should keep alert in mind and pay close attention to weather changes.Information should be kept unimpeded, and resolute and effective measures should be taken to ensure transportation, electricity, water supply and epidemic prevention and control in order to meet people’s needs.With the cadre’s hard work index in exchange for the happiness index of the common people.(Second Instance: Mo Bin, supervisor: Lu Yan)