Pay tribute to revolutionary martyrs Woyang public welfare organization for twelve consecutive years to carry out patriotic education activities

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Qingming Festival is a traditional Festival of mourning in China. It is the day when the masses of the people go to the revolutionary martyrs cemetery to hold a memorial ceremony in order to remember the revolutionary martyrs and carry forward the revolutionary spirit.The achievements of the martyrs will last forever, and the spirit of the martyrs will be immortal.In order to remember and mourn the revolutionary martyrs and carry forward the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, guoyang County Loving People’s Association has carried out patriotic activities to pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs for 12 consecutive years.Due to the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control needs and the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control documents in Guoyang County, offline tomb sweeping activities cannot be organized as in previous years.In order to learn the immortal spirit of revolutionary martyrs, in order to carry forward and inherit the heroic deeds and legacy of revolutionary martyrs, Woyang Love association this year using online memorial activities, with the H5 scene activity link page to pay homage to the ancestors, to remember the martyrs, to make up for the regret of not being able to visit the grave site worship.In order to drive more people to participate in online civilized sacrifice during the epidemic prevention and control period, all members of The Association of Caring People in Guoyang County forwarded the H5 scene activity link to their wechat group and their circle of friends.Click on the link, playing the memorial music, online grave activities page link, everyone crowded, in the page message bar, memorial language, say a paragraph of words, send a bunch of electronic flowers and other virtual memorial items, memory of the martyrs, repin grief.H5 Memorial scene the Tomb sweeping day online activities, remembering the footprints of the martyrs, is to encourage everyone to inherit the revolutionary tradition of the martyrs, carry forward the patriotic spirit of the predecessors, establish patriotic ambition, remember history, keep in mind the mission, so that the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs immortal, from generation to generation.Show our respect for revolutionary martyrs, reverence and deep mourning and deep thoughts.The outstanding character and lofty sentiment of the martyrs as an example and motivation, let us cherish the hard-won happy life now.(Wu Congjuan)