Grey woolen coat, grey scarf for warmth, high heels covered

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How to match in winter?Has always been a lot of beauty in thinking about problems, they are looking for some suitable clothing, are also constantly trying various collocation, is one of the hardest way under the breakthrough yourself now wear change, can let a person a little upset, some styles will not try to, also dare not to try, so everyone will have their own style collocation, there may be several sets of clothes that oneself like,Occasionally, I will make some changes, but not particularly big, they are accustomed to their own style.Winter is tie-in, must pay attention to keep warm, also want to choose some classic style, the beauty choose a gray woolen cloth coat, the garment place is particularly long style, below the calf, so heat preservation effect is good, also appear to be simple, tall symmetrical beauty, so it will be very good-looking, also appears people compare to see it, and the color is the color of the joker,Button up, so it will not feel very cold, so winter collocation, to choose the right clothes, but also pay attention to the style of collocation, simple coat wearing, it is very good-looking.Is tie-in a white wide-legged pants, very simple design, the design of the very loose, and the leg is very long, cover at the foot of the high-heeled shoes, garments and coat is very easy, so it is very easy to walk is very elegant, trousers with a lot of people like, in winter, can select the tight pants, also can choose slacks, basically see what style do you like,This relatively simple pants, wearing is also very easy, many people will not choose white in winter, but white is really more pick people, generally more love clean talent will choose.Feet with a pair of gray pointed shoes, with high heels, also the white trousers, and most of the beauty like high-heeled shoes, high heels ascension temperament, sometimes also to foil is tie-in, the beauty of high-heeled shoes, mainly from trousers so, don’t see how high is the heel show body effect is very good, but also set off the feeling of elegant atmosphere,Add a sense of mystery to the mix, and the beautiful woman will choose some classic styles to make herself look more fashionable.A grey scarf, wrapped themselves more sealed, heat preservation effect is very good, at the same time cover the lower jaw, add a bit of mystery, also has a significantly smaller effect, in fact, in the winter many beauty face smaller than will look better, a delicate and fashion scarf, can have very good effect, you can try some, oblique carrying a wide shoulder straps white single shoulder bag,And pants color echo, so it can be seen that beauty collocation is to pay attention to the color and echo relationship, it looks simple, really want to match, details is very important.