City CPPCC village task force: let fruit cucumber become revitalized golden melon

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Revitalization of the work, a line of dialogue, captain of the CPPCC residency teams: will make fruit cucumber revitalization of the municipal administration office, sinopec, huangshi branch in baisha town red; task force, vegetable industry development as the country revitalization of breach, pay attention to give play to the role of local planting large engines, promote the development of the village to the quality of the vegetable industry, promoting the farmers’ income.In the Chima Village qingshan Agricultural cooperative planting base, all kinds of fruits and vegetables seedlings grow happily.Zhang Shengpengzheng, head of the village team, Ma Shanjin, technician Chen Xinhuan check the growth of fruit cucumbers.Municipal Office of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Sinopec Huangshi Branch in Baisha Town Chima Village team leader Zhang Shengpeng: Master this cucumber officially hanging fruit after the continuous hanging fruit period picking period about how long cooperatives technician Chen Xinhuan:If the management is appropriate about two months about, sell two months is possible this year, cooperatives planted more than 20 acres of fruit cucumber, in early March planted seedlings, there is a month will be listed, is expected to yield ten thousand pounds per mu, harvest in sight.Chima Village, Baisha town, is located at the southern foot of Father-son Mountain. There are 13 groups of villagers in the village with a total of 2560 people.Before the village has a number of villagers engaged in vegetable planting for a long time, rich experience, but due to the lack of bibcock drive, poor business conditions.In July 2021, the team visited the village and found that the soil and water quality conditions in the village were good, and the vegetable planting industry could be vigorously developed.Municipal CPPCC office, Sinopec Huangshi branch in Baisha Town Chima village team captain Zhang Shengpeng: So we want to put vegetable planting as a key leader to create, to drive the economic development and industrial revitalization of the entire Chima village industry direction is determined, but also to play a leading role of large farmers.Ma Shanjin, head of Qingshan Agricultural cooperative, is a young man with ideas and willing to do things. The task force tries every means to coordinate and solve the difficulties in the development of the base for him.Lack of land, the team and village cadres door-to-door to do ideological work for the villagers, do a good job of land circulation.Branch office of municipal administration, sinopec Yellowstone in baisha town red; team captain Zhang Shengpeng: let them rest assured bold to the village, the land circulation flow to provide don’t complain if cash is used, for lack of money at the beginning of the development of vegetable industry project launch, residency teams will again to yangxin county rural revitalization of the bureau of industrial development fund for 1 million yuan.At present, the base has built more than 100 mu of high-standard farmland and vegetable greenhouses, as well as supporting ditches and reservoirs, and planted cherry tomatoes, golden cherry tomatoes, early-maturing pearl pumpkin and other fine varieties. More than 20 farmers have found jobs nearby, with an annual per capita income of 20,000 yuan.Castle peak agricultural cooperative employee Ma zuo xing: in the door work, wages take a lot of, quite happy this year, the village team plans to build a joint cooperative factory seedling base, for surrounding farmers to provide high-quality seedlings, attract more people engaged in vegetable planting, so that the “vegetable basket” into the people get rich “money bag”.Municipal CPPCC office, Sinopec Huangshi branch in Baisha Town Chima village team leader Zhang Shengpeng: to create green vegetable planting brand, let vegetable products go out, not only limited to yangxin market, to Huangshi and even Wuhan, expand salesBased on reality, single-mindedly planning vegetable industry, in the efforts of the task force, just a few months, baisha town Red horse village on the field showed vitality.This year, the team will also green the barren hills and wastelands in the village, planting mixed orange, yellow peach, a picture of industry prosperity, people rich struggle is slowly unfolding in Chima Village.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: