Yan Fu: Over 500 million views, Qiu Yan drunk kiss Liang Yi, but you know liang’s heart pain

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Basic language “, a large costume thriller “in the beauty of autumn yan deeply in autumn were killed, through their own efforts, defiance has changed itself and the fate of the family, especially in the autumn yan deeply for his future conceive, for women’s fight for freedom and the words of love, no problem of a modern career women elites, her bumpy fate also deeply attracted the attention of the audience.On February 19, Yan Yu Fu announced on its weibo account that it had more than 500 million views. Liang Yi, played by Xu Zhengxi, was full of energy and confidence.Autumn yan deeply and Qin Xuan two of a kind, appreciate each other, but autumn autumn yan deeply as parent female in autumn is tottering, should not only consider their own fate, but also to consider how to preserve the autumn, so autumn yan deeply determined to sever ties with Qin Xuan, rude to leave a trace of manoeuvre, even if two people meet face to face is no longer on the road,Yan Refused qin Xuan’s confession and miss the suffering, but in fact her heart is also very painful and miss.Autumn yan deeply in Liang Yi help, temporary fang from teaching department, under the guise of Sue in the name of wan and Liang Yi stay together, autumn yan deeply depressed in the heart, to drink, ZuiYan hazy, mistake Liang Yi as Qin Xuan, tearfully complained of pain in your own mind, Liang Yi listening to autumn yan deeply shout oneself Qin Xuan, not angry, just softly comfort fragile and painful autumn yan deeply.After drinking, Qiu Yan stands unsteadily and accidentally kisses Liang Yi!The scene is sweet and colourful, and at the moment liang adult heart bitter who can know?Later, Qiu Yan and Liang Yi pretended to be real, and entered the room as a concubine to stage a sweet and hot night.This article by the blue sky heart like water original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!All pictures are provided for free online, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.