The practice of “Ten strategies” in provincial capital plays the main melody of Zhengzhou’s development with the strongest sound of scientific and technological innovation

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Open column words united to the future, hard work to start a new course.The second plenary session of the 12th session of the municipal Committee of the CPC and the economic work Conference of the 12th session of the Municipal Committee of the CPC is a very important meeting held at the historical node of the new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country and the important moment of welcoming the 20th victory of the Party.At the meeting, the whole city was mobilized to build a modernized national central city, anchor the “two guarantees”, carry out the “three standard” activities, and further promote the “ten strategic” actions.This is the accurate positioning of the central committee and the provincial Party Committee’s expectations and requirements for Zhengzhou. It is the working method, train of thought and goal for implementing, promoting development and achieving results in the New Year and the next period. It is also a general mobilization for party members, cadres and the masses of zhengzhou.In 2022, the 20th CPC National Congress will be held. As a national central city under construction and a regional growth pole for higher-level high-quality development, Zhengzhou shoulders an important mission.2022 is also the first year for the provincial Party Committee to implement the “ten strategies”.To further promote the “ten strategies” is not only the task of the province, but also the main task of Zhengzhou, which is the main grasp, main task and main path through zhengzhou’s economic work.Zhengzhou shoulder of the heavy mission, is the heavy of Henan, the rise of the heavy.To promote and implement good 12 second session and municipal party committee municipal economic work conference spirit, further promote the strategy of “top ten” action, today our newspaper launched “devoting to incoming tower setup” series of blockbuster, comprehensive and in-depth, solid show the strategy of “top ten” achievements, main methods and fields involved the target direction,Every strategy and every measure should be effectively publicized and reported, and the whole city should concentrate its efforts to start the problem and strive to rise to the majestic power.”Bow into the situation,” “Innovation drive science and education to rejuvenate the province talent and strengthen the province strategy” (on) with the strongest sound of scientific and technological innovation played the main theme of zhengzhou development reporter Shi Dadong Pei Lei Li Qin Yanfeng early spring zhengdong New District Zhengzhou Zhilin Park, willow branches from a distance to see the new green.Zhengzhou residents found that they were accompanied by a number of robots, which look like a driverless car with a nose sticking out of the front. When they encountered garbage, they could “suck it up” and sort it.Can nimbly “dodge” obstacles;”See” pedestrians not wearing masks and politely warn them…These robots, which integrate cleaning and patrol functions, just left the laboratory in Zhongyuan Science and Technology City in Zhengdong New Area in December 2021 and officially began “service”.More importantly, these robots are zhengzhou Zhongyuan Power intelligent robot Co., Ltd. independent research and development production.Such “made in Zhengzhou” to “made in Zhengzhou”, in Zhengzhou, is not rare.Looking at zhengzhou’s land of more than 7500 square kilometers, scientific and technological innovation has become the core of the overall economic and social development and the first driving force.Good wind by force, send me on the clouds.With scientific and technological innovation as the power source, Zhengzhou is injecting magnificent kinetic energy into the development of this hot land, laying out a new picture of overlapping color.Scientific and technological innovation coincides with the timing of spring comes early.In the Zhongyuan Science and Technology City of Zhengdong New District in early spring, it is common for people to walk in a hurry, driverless buses are busy, and the lakeside willows reflect water, beautiful and quiet.As the venue of the first National “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” week in central China, it has attracted a large number of science and technology enterprises and young talents, forming a entrepreneurship and innovation map of “Zhongguancun in the north, Shenzhen Bay in the south, Changyang Valley in the east, Jingrong Hui in the west and Longzi Lake in the middle” in the country.Scientific and technological innovation has become a new fashion in the city, and all this, thanks to zhengzhou’s “scientific and technological innovation” as a new engine for development of a series of measures.Science and technology have never had such a profound impact on zhengzhou’s economic and social development and people’s well-being as they do today.On September 7, 2021, the working conference of Henan Provincial Party Committee was held. The strategy of innovation-driven, revitalizing henan through science and education, and strengthening Henan through talent was taken as the first of the “ten strategies”, and systematic deployment of building first-class innovation ecology and national innovation highland was made.On February 15, 2022, on the day of the Lantern Festival in the year of Renyin, the second plenary meeting of the 12th Session of the Municipal Committee of The CPC and the Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Committee of the CPC was held. At the meeting, the topic was “deduction” again, and zhengzhou should further promote the strategic action of innovation-driven, revitalizing the province through science and education and strengthening the province through talent, and accelerate the building of the national innovation highland and talent highland.Urgency and mission from the page: zhengzhou to firmly establish a “slow, not to advance is to go back into the back, not innovation will also retreat” concept of development, to innovation as the driving, supported by talent, in a very way, very power to promote scientific and technological innovation, implementation of science and technology innovation platform construction, talents gathered, significantly enhance subject cultivation, r&d, innovation vigor fully.”In the next five years, Zhengzhou will persist in taking scientific and technological innovation as the core function of the national central city to build itself into a national regional scientific and technological innovation center.We will accelerate the construction of an urban science and technology innovation pattern that is led by one belt, driven by two wings, supported by four districts and linked by multiple points.”The Proposal of Zhengzhou Municipal Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China on the formulation of the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Zhengzhou and the Long-term Goal of 2035 was outlined in the blueprint for the development of science and technology in Zhengzhou.Just like spring breeze hit head-on – zhengzhou, the logical starting point of the innovation in the development and modernization of the core position, increase scientific and technological innovation level, ecological environment, create a dynamic innovation to national innovation highlands, to promote national center of zhengzhou city high quality development, to the heavy variety, peak offer innovative security,With outstanding achievements to meet the 20th National Congress of the Party.”In recent years, the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation, always adhere to the innovation in the overall modernization of the core position, accelerate the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, the main scientific and technological indicators and scientific and technological innovation capacity to achieve a substantial improvement.”Zhengzhou science and technology bureau concerned person in charge told reporters.At the critical moment of COVID-19 prevention and control, the municipal science and technology department quickly planned and implemented 8 novel Coronavirus prevention and control emergency scientific research projects. The Novel Coronavirus antibody detection kit for Antu organisms became the first novel Coronavirus antibody detection product in Zhengzhou, making zhengzhou’s contribution to national epidemic prevention and control.Zhengzhou Science and Technology Bureau was awarded the “Advanced Collective of National Science and Technology System to Fight COVID-19” by the Ministry of Science and Technology.In the past, people refer to Henan or Zhengzhou, may think of “grain province”, “commercial civilization”, now, this “catcher in the wheat field”, is trying to build their own science and innovation business card, only last year, Zhengzhou science and technology innovation work has been significantly improved — science and technology platform construction has taken a new step.It has been approved to build a national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone.The reconstruction and revitalization of the Provincial Academy of Sciences was officially unveiled, and the integrated development with Zhongyuan Science and Technology City was accelerated.Songshan Laboratory, Yellow River Laboratory, Shennong seed industry laboratory have been put into operation.The successful introduction of Harbin Institute of Technology, machinery research institute and other 12 courtyard name in Zheng to set up new research and development institutions, a total of 12.The cultivation of innovation subjects has reached a new stage.We implemented the plan to double the number of high-tech enterprises and optimized the application and identification process for high-tech enterprises. The number of high-tech enterprises increased by 1,212 in the whole year, with a total of 4,130 enterprises, an increase of 41.4% year-on-year, and the province accounted for 49.22%.A total of 2,172 technology-based enterprises were added, up 27.7 percent year on year to 10,018.New progress has been made in r&d.Through policy guidance, closer services and enhanced training, China’s R&D investment in 2020 increased by 16.9 percent, totaling 27.67 billion yuan. China’s R&D investment increased from 1.74 percent in 2018 to 2.31 percent in 2020, an increase of 32 percent, ranking first among central cities in the country.Scientific and technological services were further improved.The National Week of Entrepreneurship and Innovation was successfully held and achieved good results.The brand effect of “Zheng Chuanghui” International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has gradually emerged, with the participation of foreign projects accounting for nearly 40%. Excellent entrepreneurial projects such as UU Errand and Fanrui Yihui have achieved good development.In 2021, 11 national science and technology business incubators were evaluated as excellent by the Ministry of Science and Technology, ranking seventh in the number of excellent enterprises in China.Zhengzhou Technology Exchange Market was officially opened and operated. The turnover of technology contracts in the city was 30.65 billion yuan, up 44%, accounting for 50.3% of the province.The work of scientific and technological talents has entered a new stage.Actively implement the “Zhengzhou Talent Plan”, start the application work of innovation and entrepreneurship team projects, and select 37 funded innovation and entrepreneurship team projects.We actively delegated the power of provincial administrative licensing for foreigners to work in China, and introduced 42 foreign high-end talents and 548 foreign professionals.The first “Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Science and Technology City Foreign Talents Service Station” has been set up in Zhongyuan Science and Technology City.New breakthroughs were made in key core technologies.A number of key “neck jam” technology has achieved a breakthrough. The 10-meter super-large mining height two-column shield hydraulic support independently researched and developed by Zheng Coal Machinery has become the world’s largest and internationally leading in comprehensive performance.The ultra high thermal conductivity and optical grade CVD diamond material developed by sanmo institute has achieved a breakthrough in the preparation technology of thermal conductivity 2000 (W/mK) diamond material, which has become the first one in China and reached the international advanced level.The lidar developed by the Institute shines in space as the core equipment for rendezvous and docking, accurately guiding the Rendezvous and docking of shenzhou 13 spacecraft and the core module of heaven and earth.Nine scientific and technological achievements of the city won 2020 National Science and Technology Awards, accounting for 53% of the awarded projects in the province.Henan province science and technology award 17 first prize, accounting for 68% of the province.How to convert the “key variable” of scientific and technological innovation into the “maximum increment” for achieving high-quality development?To observe the general situation, plan for the overall situation and accomplish major tasks, the first thing is strategy. Only by planning and then acting can we win a victory over thousands of miles.So, where is the future direction of Zhengzhou science and technology innovation?Where is the way?”We will take the high ground construction of national innovation as the goal, to strengthen the top-level design, study and formulate the implementation of the construction of national innovation highlands, insist on technology innovation and institution innovation two-wheel drive, promote the comprehensive innovation of science and technology innovation as the core, to speed up the construction enterprise as the main body, market oriented, depth integration of production, study and innovation system of science and technology,To release the energy of innovation, entrepreneurship and creation of the whole society to the greatest extent, let scientific and technological innovation become the strongest voice of Zhengzhou!”City science and technology bureau said.Is already open in 2022, zhengzhou, the innovation in the development of logical starting point and the core of modernization, is focused on the “six” first-class, constructing “three system”, implement “eight special class”, improve scientific and technological innovation level, build dynamic innovation ecological environment, to build national innovation heights — “six” first-class, refers to:Adhere to the first-class innovation ecology to the high ground as the construction of national innovation, focus on building first-class innovation platform, concise first-class innovation subject, cultivate first-class innovation main body, gathering first-class innovation team, to create first-class innovation system, and strengthen the innovative culture, promote innovation chain, industry chain, the symbiotic system of supply chain, chain, chain coupling, strive to build first-class innovation ecology,Strengthen hard power in science and technology.”Three systems”, namely, the construction of national strategic science and technology force system, enterprise technology innovation system and science and technology innovation service system.Seize national policy opportunities, strive to establish major innovation platforms such as national laboratories and state key laboratories in Zhengzhou, support and promote the construction of national laboratories in Songshan and Yellow River provinces, actively build a “reserve team” of national laboratories, and strive to be included in the national strategic science and technology force system.At the same time, we are studying and planning the layout of major science and technology infrastructure functional zones, focusing on the layout of major science and technology infrastructure such as ultra-short and ultra-strong laser platform and the new generation electron-positron collider, to create a new landmark of science and technology innovation in Our province and an important support for the national innovation highland.Combining with the advantage resources of zhengzhou, zhuhai will also implement the eight kinds of special: the central plains city of science and technology and integration development special province academy of sciences, the central plains city construction and provincial academy of sciences, the fusion of science and technology development, take the lead in implementing the innovation drive, use science as a zhengzhou province, talent strategy, accelerate the innovation of science and technology key breakthrough leading engineering, led to yucai’s important platform.We will launch a new generation of AI innovation projects to promote the innovative application of AI in key areas such as logistics, manufacturing, agriculture and transportation, and launch a number of AI innovation projects to enhance the scientific and technological innovation capacity of the AI industry.Innovation and entrepreneurship team introduction special, focus on creating a first-class innovation and entrepreneurship environment, the introduction of training innovation and entrepreneurship team projects.The new RESEARCH and development institute construction project aims to introduce a number of domestic well-known universities, national research institutes, high-level talent teams and other high-end innovation resources to establish new research and development institutions in Zheng.Whole innovation ability raise special field, combined with the city industry development and the demand of technological innovation, focus on equipment manufacturing, artificial intelligence, digital economy, biological medicine, and other areas of the new infrastructure concise implement a group of leading projects and major scientific and technological projects, technological innovation leading the industry development, injected new momentum to the high quality and economic development of zhengzhou.To promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to build an integrated pattern of technology transfer, relying on the National Technology transfer Center of Zhengzhou, to introduce and cultivate technology transfer institutions, to speed up the construction of Zhengzhou technology trading market, and to establish a technology broker system.We will improve our ability to apply scientific and technological advances locally, organize activities to encourage both universities and enterprises, and open up channels for universities to utilize scientific and technological innovation resources.We will grant more autonomy to research institutions, and grant scientists greater power to decide on technology routes, allocate funds, and allocate resources, so as to unleash the creativity of the whole society.We will reorganize and improve policies for fostering enterprises, building new research and development institutions, launching major innovation projects, applying scientific and technological achievements, and bringing in high-level talents. We will strive to create a policy focus, stimulate the desire of the whole society to make innovations, and leverage the resources of the whole society to further concentrate on innovation.To show pengcheng ten thousand miles, and while the east of the ship.Taking scientific and technological innovation as the core function of the national central city, based on the responsibility and mission of Zhengzhou in strengthening the national strategic scientific and technological force, centering on the function positioning of the Yellow River Basin scientific and technological innovation center, vigorously promoting the construction of the national central city and creating a higher level of national high-quality development regional growth pole.It will provide strong support for the central Plains to become more outstanding, the rise of the central region, and the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin.Zhengzhou, already on the move.