How is vitiligo correctly diagnosed?

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Somehow have a lot of white spot, don’t know what’s the matter, also do not ache not to itch, is not good-looking, caught a few times no scales, also do not care about, before then hear people say is probably the vitiligo, early treatment of vitiligo can control the illness faster development, patients with early found early treatment is very important, so, correctly diagnosed with vitiligo illness?Let’s take a look at the details below.For vitiligo diagnosis, can observe white spot shape, etc., mainly for vitiligo vitiligo, in the early light white or light white color, white spot with the surrounding normal skin in plateau have obvious boundaries, white spot anodyne, smooth white spot without crumbs, if white spot all conform to the shape, is a good chance is vitiligo, glass test,There are many diseases similar to vitiligo, so we can screen them out with a few simple tests.Such as anemia, moles and vitiligo in slides down, white spot disappear is anaemic mole, if the white spot is more apparent, it is vitiligo, the sunlight of the reaction of the white spot, vitiligo is sensitive to sunlight to compare, so under the glare, white spot if redness, etc are likely to have vitiligo, vitiligo strong diffusion reaction, and exposure is likely to be linked to the spread of vitiligo,Aggravating vitiligo.Patients should be professional diagnosis to the hospital, because vitiligo is a disease should be treated in the early days, so be sure to timely diagnosis, in clinic, the doctor will according to the performance of the patients and instruments to assist in the diagnosis of vitiligo, such as wood, lamp and so on, wood light of vitiligo skin is pure white, a contrast with the surrounding normal skin,The boundary is clear, which can determine whether it is vitiligo. Experts in treating vitiligo say:The same white color also can appear different parts, some from the inside out as white, gray, nearly normal color of skin 3 kinds of color, vitiligo can appear in any part of the body, except a disfiguring skin, diminish the whiter, mucous membrane of color loss, also can appear white, especially good hair in the sun and the friction damaged parts, often without consciously reaction,In a small number of cases, there is itching before the onset of the disease, followed by the spread of white spots or new spots.Early vitiligo vitiligo number less, mainly limited to the portion of the body, the segmental distribution of patients with vitiligo vitiligo in a ganglion section (or leather section), along with the development of the illness, white spot number will gradually increase, but also by fusion of the adjacent white spot into irregular blockbusters, pan body, like maps, when the patient for the development of extensive hair sex vitiligo,A lot of white spot number proliferation, but less in the early vitiligo, vitiligo patients to understand some basic common sense of vitiligo, vitiligo, the disease is spread duration long after treatment of vitiligo vitiligo is white inside deeply red would happen, with the development of vitiligo illness, white spot number gradually increased, so the treatment of vitiligo illness must be as soon as possible,In order to effectively control the disease no longer development, vitiligo patients should pay attention to develop good habits, do a good job in all aspects of vitiligo disease adjuvant treatment.How is vitiligo disease correctly diagnosed?Above detailed parsing is the diagnostic method of vitiligo, want to give some help patients, according to the patients of simple introduction, we preliminary judgment for vitiligo, but due to the description of the patient is simpler, we have no way to the consultation, so can’t completely sure, still want patients to the hospital as soon as possible to make diagnosis, the early diagnosis of disease type can not delay treatment time,Get better treatment results!