High ticket prices shut out ordinary audiences

2022-05-17 0 By

Jiang Wen once said that making money in movies was second only to some big illegal business.In other words, making movies is very profitable.Making money from films directly leads to the prosperity of the film market, and also makes those directors and actors worth “hundreds of millions” and become rich.According to statistics from the State Film Administration, the total box office revenue in 2021 will reach 47.258 billion yuan, with 1.167 billion audiences in urban cinemas.As a group consumption activity, almost everyone likes to take their families to the cinema to see a visual feast on holidays.However, if the ticket price of a movie exceeds the spending power of the ordinary class, it will shut out many ordinary audiences.The Spring Festival season of 2022 begins.”Watergate Bridge,” “The Four Sea,” “The Man”, “Wonder” and “Sniper” grossed 1.5 billion yuan on the first day of the Chinese New Year, down from 1.693 billion yuan in the same period last year, with nearly 9 million fewer moviegoers.The main reason for audiences to go to the cinema is the high ticket price.This year’s movie ticket prices are through the roof.The average ticket price for last year’s Spring Festival was already high at 48.9 yuan, but this year it has risen to 58.7 yuan.In some county-level cities, ticket prices have exceeded 100 yuan. The hit movie “The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” has cost an incredible 105 to 135 yuan in some cities, and as much as 150 yuan in some movie studios.That is to say, one person to see a movie is equivalent to an average family a day’s food costs, and it is a relatively rich kind.Many netizens ridicule: “look down on”;”I don’t earn enough to go to the movies”;”Ticket prices are extremely outrageous this year. How about cutting leeks?”;”I can buy three or four tickets for the price of two tickets during the Spring Festival.”Some fans both feel puzzled and depressed, the price of a movie ticket top five or six pounds of meat money, I don’t look over, I go to see piracy not sweet?Complaints and jokes abound.As we all know, movies are low-end consumer goods, not necessary consumer goods. If the ticket price is too high, which is higher than the consumption ability of the ordinary class, the audience will not go to the cinema to consume. If the audience does not go to the cinema to consume, the film market will be shrinking, and finally, it may become a luxury that only a few people can afford.A low-end consumer product becomes a luxury that only a few people can afford, something that neither the film’s producers, distributors nor consumers want to see.High ticket prices can drive the biggest consumer groups away from the cinema to the Internet and even to the pirate market.Last year xu Zheng’s “Lost Mom” and this year Wang Jing’s “Heaven Relies on The Sky and Kills the Dragon: The Nine SUNS Miracle” went online.The reason is simple: at 6 yuan, everyone can afford it.If more people watch movies on the Internet and more people watch pirated movies, fewer and fewer people go to the cinema.Once the habit of not going to the cinema is formed, it is no longer a long-term consumption behavior for the audience to go to the cinema.This will inevitably lead to a shrinking market for cinema films.Once the cinema film market shrinks, the job opportunities of film practitioners and cinema practitioners will be greatly reduced or even lost.The scariest part: a shrinking market for theatrical films could spur a surge in piracy, which no one wants.It was also a fatal blow to the entire film market.Audiences are dissatisfied with high ticket prices, cinemas are also full of grievances.As a result of the outbreak, cinemas across the country have been closed and workers have been forced to do odd jobs.Cinemas also need to survive, so they have to make up for losses caused by COVID-19 and other causes through high ticket prices.This is a short-sighted act of killing chickens and drinking poison to quench thirst.High ticket prices can only solve the immediate problem, in the long run, it will greatly damage the entire film market in all areas.This needs to be considered and solved by all practitioners in the film market as soon as possible.The most basic point: movie ticket prices, not to do.Movie ticket prices should be divided according to different markets and different regions of consumption levels, and the positioning of ticket prices should also be diversified according to film types, release cycles and screening periods for different audiences.Only in this way can we ensure the long-term healthy development and further prosperity of the whole film market.This is what the general audience and all film practitioners would like to see.