More than 49,000 people were closely connected with the current epidemic in Shenyang

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On April 6, the Information Office of shenyang Municipal People’s Government held the 70th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Shenyang.He Yan, deputy director and spokesperson of the Shenyang Municipal Health Commission, delivers the latest information on COVID-19 prevention and control at the 70th press conference held at the Information Office of the Shenyang People’s Government in Shenyang, Capital of Northeast China’s Liaoning Province, April 6, 2018.It was reported that no new local COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Shenyang from 00:00 to 24:00 on April 5, 2022;There were 30 new asymptomatic domestic novel Coronavirus infections (including one related case from an exception province).The above infected persons were 933-962: all close contacts were found in routine nucleic acid tests during the period of centralized isolation and medical observation.According to administrative regions, there were 11 cases in Heping District, 7 in Liaozhong District, 5 in Yuhong District, 4 in Dadong District, 2 in Huanggu District and 1 in Shenbei New District.All the above persons have been transferred to designated hospitals in a closed loop. Based on the epidemiological history, clinical manifestations, laboratory tests and imaging results, the municipal expert group has consulted and diagnosed them as novel Coronavirus asymptomatic infections.He yan said, Shenyang closely “three public” cooperation, to promote the flow of tracing work.Rapid screening of secret contact, sub-secret contact and other risk personnel, the first time to arrange transfer, the first time isolation control.As of 24,286 close contacts and 25,094 secondary close contacts had been implemented by 24,286 as of 24:00 On April 5.Meanwhile, the affected sites will be strictly controlled and sterilized.By 24:00 Of April 5, 2,215 epidemic sites had been designated and 790,622 square meters of final disinfection area had been completed, based on the results of epidemiological investigations and the movements of infected people.Quarantined people who meet relevant epidemic prevention standards will be lifted in an orderly manner in batches.As of 24:00 On April 5, a total of 9,667 close contacts had been removed from the COVID-19 outbreak, and closed loop transport and home health monitoring had been implemented in accordance with regulations.Shenyang continues to carry out nucleic acid testing.On April 5, Shenyang carried out nucleic acid testing for people in isolation points, containment areas and control areas. By 8 o ‘clock on April 6, 257,900 people had been sampled.(End) (