What about targeted therapy?How do you treat cancer?

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With the progress of medicine, the treatment of cancer is no longer simple surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy this “three axes”, targeted therapy as a new treatment method in recent years, because of its good therapeutic effect, small side effects, has attracted more and more patients’ attention.So, what about targeted therapy?How exactly does it treat cancer?Targeted therapy By its name, targeting is targeting, targeting tumors with precision.Us through genetic testing in the cell and molecular level, find specific targets for cancer, cancer, of course, the target can be cancer gene or protein molecular pathway, then according to the above targets, use special drugs synthesis technology production – this is what we say targeted drugs, which can effectively against cancer is unique “target” to treat a method.How do targeted drugs treat cancer?Cancer cells and normal cells have essential differences in biology. To identify the differences between the two cells and accurately control and attack cancer cells is the idea of all targeted drugs.First, identify the receptor, precise attack through a large number of research experiments, extract its unique protein structure from the surface of cancer cells, this structure is scientifically called “receptor”, is the “pass” of cancer cells, is also the only evidence of targeted drugs to identify cancer cells.For example, the epidermal growth factor receptor, or EGFR, in lung cancer, is used to create a “validator” that recognizes the “pass” and attaches it to targeted cancer drugs such as gefitinib or erlotinib.Targeted anticancer drugs through the “validator” guide to cancer cells, to achieve targeted missile attack, some into the cancer cell nucleus to prevent it from dividing and proliferating, some interfere with the normal metabolism of cancer cells, resulting in apoptosis of cancer cells.If there are no cells in the body that have this particular structure that the drugs can’t recognize, then the anticancer drugs won’t work, and the normal cells in the body will be protected.This is the realization of targeted drugs precision attack, not indiscriminate killing of innocent people.Second cut off nutrition starve tumor cancer cells like enemy soldiers, in the process of growth, transfer, need a large amount of “grain” supply.As tumors grow, they establish independent blood supply and grow many new blood vessels, which are their “food transport channels”. If these blood vessels are cut off, cancer cells lose nutrients and may starve to death.Vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptor play a key role in the process of neovascularization.Through a large number of clinical trials, developed resistance against vascular endothelial growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor receptor drugs such as beacizumab bead single, remo reed resistance, resistance path for, Ann, for, etc., the main effect of anti-angiogenesis drugs in the nutrient vessels of the tumor, by cutting off nutrient limiting the growth of cancer cells, and is not directly kill cancer