How do you learn Japanese from scratch

2022-05-15 0 By

Many people feel that they are too old or their skills are not good, so they shrink back from learning. But if you want to start learning, for example, how to start learning Japanese from scratch, which is a problem many people consider, I will talk to you today.The following is for beginners!Before learning Japanese, we need to be clear about what we are learning Japanese for.Is for interest, want to watch Japanese anime, love beans, games, want to travel to Japan and so on.Or to just need, want to go to Japan to study abroad to work, take an examination of the ability certificate to prove strength, enhance their competitiveness and so on.Different learning objectives correspond to different learning emphases.For example, if you are interested in Japanese, you should focus on understanding Japanese and not pursue grammar points too much. Therefore, you should focus on understanding Japanese as long as you understand It.In this way, you avoid losing interest from being interested to learning.For example, if it is a job, it involves communicating in Japanese, as well as the examination certificate. The focus of Japanese communication is on listening and speaking, and communicating with others.If the exam, it is necessary to carry out systematic learning, listening and reading grammar and vocabulary, everything can not be less.2, set up a learning plan to determine the learning goals, you can begin to develop their own learning plan.If your learning goal is to pass the exam, you can set a study plan, such as studying for half a year to get the N4 certificate, and one and a half years to get the N2 certificate….And so on.After knowing your own learning goals and setting a learning plan, all learning is planned, and you will be motivated to learn and improve yourself step by step along with your own goals, rather than do not know the end of the left and right swing, or even doubt yourself.At the beginning of learning, whether pronunciation, grammar and other knowledge points to learn, or systematic learning plan formulation, learning methods inform and so on, these contents must be led by professional teachers, or it is easy to detour, develop bad problems.There are many online courses advocating N2 in half a year and N1 in 10 months. How long to learn depends on the individual. There is no denying the existence of language geniuses, but most of us are ordinary people.Be prepared to learn how much time you can devote to study each day and week.There is no need for too much pressure. It only takes a few months to reach the basic level. I will gradually experience the deep pleasure of Japanese from learning.(In ordinary times, watching Japanese anime, playing games, singing, are all good learning.) These are the preparation items needed before learning Japanese.The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, followed by now.If you want to learn Japanese, now is the time to do it.Starting something can be challenging, but it can also be fun. As long as you like it, have a clear goal, and stick to it, you will reap results.