3 additional kind rob a tomb flow novel, steal grave to dig a tomb to encounter millennium female corpse, the grave that steal buries is not a person however

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Babies, don’t be afraid of the book shortage these days!Dear me, I am frantically scanning books to prepare a list of excellent books for you. As a senior fan, it is not recommended if it is not fine books.Beautiful words remember to collect not lost yo.What recommend to everybody today is: 3 additional kind rob a tomb flow novel, steal grave to dig a tomb to encounter millennium female corpse, of the grave that steal buries is not a person however.First book: “the grave notes” author: south sent three uncle introduction: 50 years ago by changsha soil master (grave robbers) unearthed silk of the warring states period, record the position of a strange warring states tomb, 50 years later, one of the soil master’s grandson discovered the secret in his notes, assembled a group of experienced the grave robbers to treasure hunt, who also did not expect, this……Into the pit guide: fat say that finish and cough a few, even spit a few mouthfuls of water, I listen to anxious, busy let him continue to say, fat scratch scratch back, say: “hanging also have to breathe, this thing happened too fast, I suddenly also can’t say, you have to wait for me to organize language.”I see him that way, really is the facial expression hair white, the voice of speech are strange, it seems that there is water in the trachea, busy to help him clap a few back, he was I clap the person all shrink up, crazy cough out a lot of sticky things, say: “line line, and then clap his mother was you clap dead!”I urge way: “line quick say, you exactly encountered what?”He woke up and gave me a brief account of what happened to them. It happened very quickly, so his description was quite chaotic, but I still had a general idea of the whole story.There is when he see me foolish looking at porcelain painting, he urged me, but I was absorbed in the life, has not heard, he see I didn’t respond to push me, probably wanted to the valuable jade accessories, ran back to his first dry up, he thought at that time, I choose the natural will be coming, after two ear chamber but five,Six steps. There can’t be any accidents.But what he saw next absorbed his energies so completely that he completely forgot my presence, and did not notice when the door disappeared.Bailed water he came back to the edge of the coffin, two people together, the resin piece soon surfaced, the fat man looked carefully, not horror, that several of his thought is the first original sarcoma, is actually a woman fat * * *, fat are hanging down, drag on the distortion of the trunk, fat man was stupid, he really didn’t expect this to is a woman.(click below to read for free) the second: “God level tomb raiding system” author: small coffin plate son introduction: “Ding dong -” “welcome to the god level tomb raiding system, please choose your occupation – ① touch gold school lieutenant ② hair Qiu zhong Lang will ③ unload ridge strength ④ move mountain road people” “① ah, decisively touch gold school lieutenant, choose ① ah!””Ding dong – career choice success, please accept the first primary task, dig your next door old Wang family ancestral grave -” guide to the pit: two people fully there for more than ten minutes, this just calm down, and this time, outside the tomb in the Vietnam bird spider crawling sound is slowly small down.Wu Yi took out a windproof lighter from his arms and held out his hand from the opening to shine on the outside. With the faint light, Wu Yi found that the Vietnamese bird spiders did not leave, but lay motionless around the animal skin drum, as if to surround himself and the blind man!”Damn it, blind man, what shall WE do now?The dogs, the fucking spiders, they’re all waiting outside!As soon as we go out, they’ll eat us right away!”The blind man calmed down and said with a bitter smile, “Lord Wu, I’m afraid we can’t leave today!Do you remember what I told you about the curse left by the owner of the tomb, which says, ‘Unclean souls, doomed only to be devoured,’ and that commands us to die?Dirty souls refers to us two tomb robbers, swallowed, must be the Vietnamese bird spider ah!Do you think if we had been too late to rush into the skin drum, we would have been eaten by the Vietnamese bird spider?”After all the excitement, Wu Yi had forgotten all about the curse. Now the blind man spoke again and wu Yi felt that the curse was as accurate as a prophecy!Wu yi asked, “Blind man, according to you, these Vietnamese bird spiders are deliberately kept here by the thief bald?But how can these spiders still be alive after all these years?”(Click below to read for free) Third book: Tomb of Strange Gods by: Burning the Peacock Introduction: Do gods really exist?Where did they go now?Who is Jiang Ziya?What happened 5,000 years ago on this land?”Spirit blood fixed point, god son buried”, the original real god, not so sacred in the legend.Pit guide: hear the words of ghost knife, Chen Zhi first leng once.Then chubby wei slapped him hard.”Thinking of what?Up the tree, you want to protect the ghost knife?”Pang Wei immediately pulled Chen Zhi to the tree, his large body jumped to the tree, “Zooming”, like a monkey climbed up the tree.Chen Zhi looked at fat wei agile skill, thought thanks to the previous period of time to do some physical training, otherwise now have to live card face, his hands embrace the tree, leg a force, jumped up.Panty Wei gave him a hand and Chen Zhi climbed up the tree trunk.The frozen branch was as sharp and stiff as steel wire. Chen got several cuts on his face when he climbed on it.He and Panty Willy hid in the tree, holding their breath and watching what was happening below.Chen Zhi’s head is running quickly, the unknown fear drilled into his heart.”What can it be?The ghost of spring Flowers?Why did she call me? Was it because I didn’t save her?What’s the best ghost knife ever done?If ghost Knife falls, who’s next?What will spring flowers do to me?Eat me?”Chen Zhi in the tree crazy Hu si disorderly think, the heart “bang!Bang!Bang!”He held Biggie tightly and stared at the movement in the trees.”Chen-chi, chen-chi, chen-chi,” the horrible voice came nearer and nearer, and was about to appear.Chen Zhi’s heart was in his throat as he saw Panwei holding a cutlass in his hand. His face was more serious than ever.Then the trees moved and a figure appeared.After a while, a head popped out, its face familiar and distinct in the moonlight.(Click below to read for free.) That’s it for today’s picks. 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