Zhao Zheng: The forehead line

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“Yi, you have another forehead line”?”Isn’t it?I don’t know.”…Lo…On my first day at work after the Spring Festival, the old pool of my work unit was surprised to see that THERE was another wrinkle on my forehead.Little sees much.These are the wrinkles on your forehead.Some are few, some are many.Some are bright, some are dark, and some are not.You can’t have one size fits all.Normally, it occurs around the age of 30.If you show up too early, your career may not go well.May be due to family reasons, usually excessive work, resulting in premature breeding of forehead lines.Maybe showing up later is a sign of being born with a good fortune.Not necessarily.It is an indisputable fact that hard work leads to forehead wrinkles.Fortune-tellers say that the wrinkles on the forehead are very mysterious, and that they are the “driving charm” that controls one’s fate.I don’t believe it because it has no scientific basis. It’s pure bull.Fate is to rely on their own to fight for, is in their own hands.Those who are solid, persevering and unyielding dream seekers are destined to have a good time and finally reach the other side of their ideal through their constant efforts.On the contrary, those who aim high, unambitious, the mountain to the mountain of people, big things can not do, do nothing all day, idle people, ultimately nothing, regret for life.Lift the forehead, lift the forehead.It is the annual ring of time, not the “prompter of fate”.There is no standard for more or less forehead lines.Too much is a sign of worry, which is also associated with frequent frowning.Less, it means less to think about things, do not worry.”Muddle along, sunny slope curved warm” (no memory).Most of these people live long lives.There were fewer than twenty people in the unit, some in their thirties, some in their fifties, and some about to retire.Age is uneven.There are also more or less forehead wrinkles.I found many, are the head of the family, everything in charge.Few are “idle” people, even those who do not lift the oil bottle when it is down.This kind of person, often younger than their actual age, live natural and unrestrained, optimistic.Come to think of it, frown lines are also related to laughter.Laugh heartily, the whole face relaxes, the time is long, may develop the forehead lift line.Want to know more wonderful content, pay attention to edelweiss original literature