The main media center organized a series of online sightseeing interviews on the city’s image

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Beijing, Feb. 16 ( — The media coverage team of the Main media Center for the Beijing Winter Olympics organized a series of online sightseeing interviews on the city’s image, leading journalists to enjoy the colorful “blessing” culture in Fuzhou, Fujian province.At the same time, a sub-venue was set up in the interview room on the first floor of the main media center. English anchors were used to present the historical features of the three lanes and seven lanes of Fuzhou as well as the traditional culture of Fujian to registered journalists from home and abroad.The event attracted more than 60 journalists from the Associated Press, NBC, Olympic Broadcasting Service, Seoul Broadcasting Corporation and Korea Broadcasting Corporation, including 22 journalists in person and 40 journalists online.Other regions that will participate in the online exhibition, such as Hubei, Yunnan and Shandong, also watched the event online.This morning’s activity focused on introducing fujian Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Garden, Small Yellow Building and Guanglu Yintai, leading reporters to experience the unique charm of Fujian’s “fu” culture, Shoushan stone, Nanyin, paper cutting, tea culture, wing chun boxing and other local characteristics.The event also introduced paper-cut works created by the inheritors of Fujian paper-cut art especially for the Beijing Winter Olympics, showing local residents’ good wishes for the Winter Olympics and their enthusiasm for snow and ice sports.Olympic broadcasting services to the company’s staff, the reporter of the Olympic information about how oiled paper umbrella is waterproof, fujian dialect and mandarin popularity, shoushan stone price and interaction with the exchange of the host, from NBC correspondent Kevin McNamara said: “thank you very much, I think it’s really a interesting and impressive introduction”.Alexey Frenkel, Olympic Information reporter, said: “The Chinese tea culture and the skill in making oil-paper umbrellas is amazing!I look forward to watching it on site.Against the backdrop of epidemic prevention and control, foreign journalists covering the Winter Olympics cannot go out of the closed loop to experience the charm of the host country and city offline.Therefore, with the help of remote video interview equipment, the main media center invites English anchors to introduce and gives full play to the characteristics of “watch, talk and broadcast” of live broadcasting.Lead and winter Olympics “into” registered members of the press, the Summer Palace, the temple of heaven park in Beijing quanjude, lakes ice, shijingshan golden apple yard and Wu Kanglu in Shanghai, guangzhou he fang, zhangjiakou big door, the giant panda breeding research base in sichuan province, fuzhou three alleys and seven lanes and other places, with people outside the closed loop “face to face” communication interaction.Since January 7th, the main media Center has held 12 series of online sightseeing and interview activities of city image in this way, involving more than 100 media and more than 300 people.The series of activities, which are popular with foreign media, will continue until the end of the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games on March 13, with topics including the history and culture of Chinese cities, local traditional arts and crafts, and traditional Chinese cuisine.