Audi Q5 “imported big top match”, 3.0T+ Audi four-wheel drive, with high quality audio, real shot audi SQ5

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Audi Q5 “imported big top match”, 3.0T+ Audi four-wheel drive, with high quality audio, audi SQ5 Audi Q5L can be said to be no less important than Audi A6L in the domestic market.Its early entry into China has been recognized by consumers. In addition, it has a certain advantage over Mercedes GLC and BMW X3 in terms of cost performance, which leads to a good sales volume and a large profit for Audi in the domestic market.However, what we are going to introduce to you today is definitely not the ordinary Audi Q5L that is common on the road. Instead, it is an original imported audi SQ5 with a 3.0T V6 engine and a high-performance version. You can also understand it as the “imported big top match” of Audi Q5.The actual auction model is Audi SQ5 2021 3.0TFSI Quattro, with the manufacturer’s guide price of 632,800 yuan.After the sinotruk transformation, the appearance of Audi SQ5 is not very different from the general Audi Q5L, and its sports suite and some Audi Q5L models are actually very similar.More eye-catching is its large size of the honeycomb network and above the movement of the logo.In addition, as a famous “light factory”, Audi also made a great effort in SQ5 headlights.The light source is matrix LED, standard with automatic headlamp, headlamp cleaning, headlamp height adjustable, headlamp delay off, but also optional adaptive near and far light and steering headlamp function.It really depends on the Audi to play with the lights.From the very beginning, I felt that this car is shorter than the domestic Audi Q5L. As soon as I looked at the data, it was true.Its length is 4689mm, width is 1893mm, height is 1633mm, wheelbase is 2825mm.Is the standard overseas version of the length, domestic is a longer version.Such data is undoubtedly a leg if it focuses on spatial performance, but the dynamic performance of the standard axis version is undoubtedly more consistent with the positioning of SQ5 from the perspective of locomotion.Also visible on the side are red sports calipers and high-performance 255/45 R20 tyres, which accentuate its sports positioning.If the front and side have been relatively low-key, the rear feel is the lowest part, it can be said that the rest of the audi Q5L in addition to the four exhaust area is no different from the general.In terms of configuration, the Audi SQ5 2021 3.0TFSI Quattro comes with an electric boot and induction boot functions as standard.Also equipped with roof rack.Interior part, and the mid-modified Audi Q5L, its interior has no big action, the most obvious feature is the cancellation of the original MMI control panel, changed to storage.As a sports model, whether it is the sport multi-functional steering wheel, or the carbon fiber decoration of the interior, or the red seat can reflect its distinctive.Configuration, its standard configuration is more abundant, auxiliary driving aspect, the standard and lines, active braking, cruise control, convenient configuration, reversing radar, reversing image before and after the standard, automatic parking, automatic parking, hill auxiliary, steep slope, slow down, control configuration, its standard suspension adjustment, hard and soft and comfortable configuration of science and technology,Its standard configuration can open panoramic sunroof, keyless entry of the whole car, panoramic sunroof, leather steering wheel, full LCD instrument, head-up display, wireless charging of the front cell phone, central control large screen and with navigation, road rescue, Bluetooth, CarPlay, voice recognition, Internet of vehicles, multi-color atmosphere lights in the car, automatic zoning air conditioning.There’s also the 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen Premium, which is just dazzling.More importantly, the car has a lot of options. I think there are several options that must be selected: panoramic image, electric steering wheel adjustment and heating, cooling/heating cup holder.Adaptive cruise, lane-keeping assistance, air suspension with high and low adjustment, and variable steering ratio can be added as needed.The sports seats in the front are more about color matching and configuration changes, and there is no obvious difference in comfort with Audi Q5L.However, the front seat can be optional seat massage, this configuration is still very advanced.The rear seat is definitely less roomy than the Audi Q5L, but the rear seat is also comfortable.For example, it uses the whole car soundproof glass, the car calm is good, in addition, it can be optional rear seat heating and rear side window shading curtain, the back row often take these two configurations are necessary optional.The audi SQ5 is powered by a combination of a 3.0T V6 engine and an 8AT gearbox.With 354 horsepower and 500N·m of torque, and maximum torque from 1370 RPM to 4500 RPM, the turbo lag is negligible. Such a powerful powertrain is by no means comparable to the 2.0t audi Q5L that most people choose.A 5.3-second 100k is a good start for most runners on the road.The all-wheel-drive system is the essence of Audi. The SQ5 does not use the Quattro Ultra, a multi-disc clutch that is paired with the 7-speed dual-clutch on the Audi Q5L.It’s a pure quattro system with a mechanical torque limited slip central differential, and you can see a lot of lightweight aluminum in the chassis.Handling, stability and four-wheel drive performance are far beyond the general Audi Q5L.In the Domestic Audi Q5 family, Audi SQ5 is definitely the top car in the car series. Of course, its price is far higher than the general Audi Q5L, but the overall improvement is fully worthy of its price.In fact, this car is particularly suitable for those who have high requirements for the car, the pursuit of practicality and performance maximization of friends, its existence is absolutely a very good choice.