Still remember the three-color standard of Shanghai TV station?Remember the variety World hosted by Ren Yan and Li Bing

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Shanghai TV station has experienced several changes in its logo, but what remains unchanged is the shape of magnolia.And many presenters will also Shanghai TV station as a Courier, for the future can have better development.The image in the photo, old Shanghai should have memories, three colors of magnolia logo, followed by the number of subordinate channels.The two in the photo are Ren Yan and Liu Bing, hosts of Variety World on Shanghai TV station 1 in 1996.Speaking of Ren Yan, at that time but Shanghai TV entertainment female host of the master actress.In order to marry Chen Guang, who is also a Host in Shanghai, Ren Yan is the first host to move from Sichuan TV station to Shanghai TV station and settle down in Shanghai.However, due to various circumstances, the two eventually ended up in divorce, and after the divorce, Ren Yan also quit the front-line host, turned behind the scenes.For this decision, Ren Yan said that she did not want to work so hard any more and wanted to retire to enjoy her own life.Recently, she made an appearance as a Liaison for Shanghai TV in Beijing.Liu Bing, another famous host, returned to his Alma mater, Shanghai Theatre Academy, as an acting teacher after retiring from the show.Rolling Yangtze River east water, waves are all heroes, once brilliant will be covered by time to glory, castle peak is still in, several degrees of sunset red.The article is not easy, look forward to praise attention and comments, a lifetime of good luck, thank you!