Municipal government service center: the service window is busy but many things can be done

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One by one, the “dead-end road” has been opened, and the renovation of old residential areas has revealed a new look, the farmers’ market has taken on a new look, and the construction sites of key projects are in full swing…Many changes are taking place in yuxi, visible and audible.”Yuxi has become beautiful” and “Wow, Yuxi is better”, the sense of happiness of yuxi people has been increasing.Yuxi Daily all media pays attention to these changes from the perspective of ordinary people, and continuously launches columns of “Seeing changes at the end of the year” and “Going to the grassroots in the New Year” to tell the “changes in Yuxi” in the hearts of ordinary people with small incisions, small scenes and small stories.Mr. Shi, a businessman, bought a flat in yuxi central city and went to the Yuxi Municipal Government Service Center for the transfer of ownership on January 11.Hearing that the service hall has the business of mailing the certificate of real estate title, he hurried to consult.”I have no time to get the certificate, you mail it to me, I will pay the postage.”Mr. Shi said bluntly.When guo Li, a staff member, told him he could send it for free, Shi exclaimed, “It’s so convenient!”For inconvenient to run back and forth enterprises and the masses free mail, is the city government service center consistent practice.Guo said that since she started working at the post office in October last year, she has mailed at least 20 copies of real estate certificates every month to buyers from outside chongqing, Zhejiang and Hubei provinces, as well as counties (cities and districts) in Kunming and Yuxi.Every time she receives a power of attorney, Guo always registers the information carefully and then mails the certificate to the other party.If the person who inquired about the receipt of the mail was not the principal, Guo li would call to verify the receipt.Su Shuimei, a staff member from the municipal affordable housing Management Office, has been sticking to the window no. 13 in area H of the municipal Government Service hall.From January 4 to 10 this year at 5 p.m., Su shuimei accepted 126 public rental housing qualification confirmations.On the afternoon of October 10, a citizen who wanted to apply for public rental housing came excitedly to submit documents. Su shuimei carefully checked and found that the required documents were not complete before she could apply. After patiently explaining, she got the understanding of the citizens.Previously, applications for city-level public rental housing were carried out irregularly according to the housing supply situation, and applications were made every few months.In order to optimize the application process, improve the efficiency of housing allocation and ensure the precise security of public rental housing, municipal public rental housing can apply every month since January this year.At the end of the month to announce the housing information, every month from 1 to 10 days (working days) to receive applications, a great place to facilitate the needs of the masses.In the process of business handling, the staff will carefully review the materials submitted by each applicant, and if they meet the conditions, they will issue acceptance documents;If they do not meet the requirements, they will patiently explain the policies and receive each and every one of them.In January, the list of available apartments for public rental in yuxi’s downtown area showed that public rental apartments range in size from 30 to 70 square meters, with monthly rents ranging from 4 yuan to 6.97 yuan per square meter.Because the applicant is more, Su Shuimei and colleagues continue to work overtime, will be released every day 60 number accepted.Yang Zijun, a staff member of the municipal Government affairs Service Center, introduced that the hall is stationed in 53 departments, which can handle 1,184 government affairs services, involving public security, taxation, provident fund, real estate, social security, medical insurance and other businesses.On January 11 alone, as of 4:30 PM, the municipal Government affairs Service hall had accepted 1,286 applications and handled 1,037.Reporters visit found that the city government service center also set up a “can not do” complaint window.If the enterprise, the masses in the corresponding service window to submit the application, failed to successfully realize the acceptance and approval, can go to the “can not do” complaint window reflect, by the staff reception, explanation and assist to deal with the relevant matters.On January 11, Yang zijun accepted the first service. After patient listening and active coordination, the public returned with satisfaction.”We will continue to do our best to solve practical problems for enterprises and the people,” he said.City government affairs bureau government affairs management section chief Chen Weihong said.Yuxi Daily all media reporter: Bai Chengying editor: Chen Huiji review: Xu Fengxiang