This year’s Lantern Festival in Beijing is full of winter Olympic flavor

2022-05-11 0 By

The China youth daily client February 15 (QingWang reporter, the popular newspaper supplement Liu Shangjun) Lantern Festival, Beijing Olympic volunteer headquarters in order to guide the city’s 758 city volunteers service site to carry out rich and colorful festival activities, games city volunteers and citizens guess riddles, reward palace lantern, watching the game together, “immersive” experience its,For the Winter Olympics once again add the most thick, the most warm “Chinese festive flavor”.Fengtai District World Park City volunteers make lanterns.In Fengtai District World Park, the winter Olympics knowledge contest with prizes is very popular, and each participant can receive lanterns made by volunteers.As a league cadre in Fengtai District, Xie went down to the community during the Spring Festival to get deeply involved in epidemic prevention and control.Today, fengtai epidemic trend gradually smooth, he immediately rushed to the city volunteer positions, “TuanOuWei garden expo garden planning in Beijing for the Lantern Festival activities, also can let out of fengtai crowd scene feeling games, last week also invited clay sculpture art with tourists to knead mound mound”, XieQingHua introduction, because the outbreak closed lotus pool games theme park is “open” in the near future.Citizens participate in Olympic knowledge activities at volunteer service points.Not far from the shougang Stadium, shijingshan District winter Olympics Cultural Square invited residents as a family to experience the fun of the Lantern Festival.As a “winter Olympics volunteer family”, Zhang Jinhao from Dianzhu Road Primary School in Shijingshan took his parents to the site to publicize the Winter Olympics culture.It is reported that during the Winter Olympics, shijingshan district launched the “Winter Olympics volunteer family” service brand, with 200 families participating in community volunteer service in the form of “small hands holding big hands, small families leading everyone”.Citizens watch games at the Cultural Square of the Winter Olympics in Dongcheng District.After heavy snow, volunteers at the Cultural Square of the Winter Olympic Games in Huairou district began to shovel and clear snow for the opening of the 32nd Mass Art Festival.The festival coincides with the Lantern Festival, and Huairou district moved the opening ceremony to the Winter Olympics Cultural Square. In addition to the wonderful artistic performances, it also added winter Olympics themed activities such as ice hockey, dry curling and VR experience.Volunteers set up a temporary tent, in the tent to carry out the Winter Olympics themed children’s hand painting, shooting, table curling and other recreational and sports activities, attracting more and more citizens to experience, clock.Huairou District mass art Festival opened in the Winter Olympics cultural square.The Winter Olympics Cultural square hosts traditional folk activities.Editor: Liu Shixin