The latest!The latest vaccination sites in Baqiao District, Xi ‘an city were announced

2022-05-10 0 By

Please make an appointment for the Novel Coronavirus vaccination sites in Baqiao district as soon as possible. After vaccination, continue to take care of your personal protection.Nucleic acid tests can be carried out 48 hours after administration of the Novel Coronavirus vaccine to avoid the presence in the body of undegraded nucleic acid fragments of the Novel Coronavirus vaccine strain, which may result in positive results.In addition, the interval between novel Coronavirus vaccination and other vaccines should be at least 14 days;People aged 3-11 should be accompanied by their parents.Guardians are required to understand the relevant knowledge of COVID-19 and Novel Coronavirus vaccination, to avoid fasting and fatigue before vaccination, and to prepare loose clothes for children on the same day for vaccination.The vaccination certificate, household register, informed consent and guardian’s ID card should be carried.Before vaccination, the doctor should be truthfully informed of the health status and vaccination contraindications of the children. Vaccination can only be conducted after the doctor has evaluated the children and the guardian has signed the informed consent.After inoculation, observe for 30 minutes at the site. Make sure there is no abnormality before leaving.Inform your doctor if you feel unwell.After returning home, the guardian should pay attention to the children’s condition. If any adverse reactions occur, they should report to the inoculation unit and seek medical treatment in time.