Life and Death are Wearing me out: Samsara pig of the third generation lives a different pig

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What exactly is a book of 550,000 words written in 43 days after 43 years of conception?Yu Hua said she felt jealous after reading it because it was so good.Fresh, humorous, extremely unrestrained and even crazy, it is Mo Yan’s favorite work life and Death are Wearing Me out.In the novel, a wrongfully murdered landowner goes through six cycles of reincarnation, becoming a donkey, ox, pig, dog, monkey, and finally reincarnated as a big-headed baby with an incurable congenital disease.The narrator of the novel, no other than the baby with the big head, goes on and on about being a landowner, but rich, and not guilty, and therefore, in the underworld, crying for his own injustice.He is constantly experiencing six reincarnation, I for donkey, I for ox, I for pig, I for dog, I for monkey, I for man…Each time he was reincarnated as a different animal, he never left his family, never left the land of Ximenton.This big head baby through his eyes, to be precise, is the eyes of all kinds of animals to observe and appreciate the animals of all kinds of strange feelings, as well as the landlord Ximen nao family and the farmer LAN Jie Fang family half a century of life and death fatigue story.Yu hua said his favorite is “pig”.He said: “Just describing the fight between pigs, I feel that the romance of The Three Kingdoms and the Water Margin, the pig in ‘Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out’ is definitely the most powerful pig in the history of Chinese literature, world literature, past literature and future literature.”Pig Sahuan is the third samsara of Ximen.Everyone knows that pigs have the impression of being lazy, the least useful and the most content.But is such a pig, live a different pig’s life.Simon trouble experience in front of dozens of reincarnation, at this time the resentment in the heart also dissipated a lot, when people’s memory slowly degenerate, ready to live their own, how happy how to.The pig Sahuan was born in the era of pig breeding.As soon as he was born, he became the sixteenth pig in Ximentun’s pig raising business, even one of the core pigs.On the previous several reincarnation, when the donkey could not help crying, when the honest honest, now when the pig still inherited the pig greedy nature.Pig Sahuan was born to highlight the overbearing, milk to occupy several positions, who come up to rob, will be a twist butt hit to the side.As a result, sahuan pig grew a circle bigger than other piglets in the first month of life and became the focus of breeding.Enjoy the treatment of future pig king, not only have a single piggery, but also special people serve, this person is actually once the principal wife Ximen Bai shi.With Bai’s careful care, Sahuan pig soon became strong when it grew windy. Its hind legs were strong and it could even stand on two feet.Crossbred pigs bought from other places are nothing compared to that.Except for a pig named Diao Xiaosan, who in sahuan’s eyes was sent by heaven to punish him.Then, two pigs, intrigue, each other.Finally, Pig Sahuan and Diao Xiaosan for the happiness of the pig, fight for the pig king status, finally pig Sahuan won the end.Pig Sahuan became the king of pigs, and Diao Xiaosan was castrated.One day in February and August, several pigs coughed and fevered and refused to eat. They were covered with purple scars the size of copper coins.The pigs died within two days.Swine fever outbreak, pig farm more than 800 pigs all infected with the virus, in addition to the healthy pig Sahuan, still only escape to freedom diao Xiaosan.The pig farm went up in smoke.Xu Bao, a veterinarian, was killed by the pig Sahuan when he tried to remove the testicles.It escaped from the pig farm to wujia Shazui Hexinzhou, met a wild boar diao Xiaosan.Diao Xiaosan knew pig Sahuan’s ability and recommended it to be the king of the wild boar herd on Hexin Island.Say the person always wants to return to one’s roots, pig also is same, pig Sa Huan missed hometown secretly returned West door tun, encounter Hong Tai Yue drunk disorderly sex is in rape Bai Shi, pig Sa Huan remembers in those days the thing that murder him, rushed past, one bite dropped Hong Tai Yue’s lower half body.Sahuan, the pig in trouble, caused the boar on the sandbank to be destroyed, so it gave up the throne of the pig king.Sahuan, a homeless pig, was wandering near a river outside Ximentun one day in winter. He saw his ximen family’s younger generation. Because the Spring Festival accidentally stepped on the ice on the river, several children fell into the cold river together with the Spring Festival.Although pig Sahuan is the appearance of pig, but someone’s memory and emotion, finally to save the Simon family blood sacrifice themselves.Mo Yan, as the first Chinese celebrity to win the Nobel Prize, was at his height.Some people once said that Mo Yan’s Nobel Prize in Literature made China proud and led Chinese literature to the world.”The judges of the Nobel Prize awarded me the prize mainly because they had read ‘Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out,'” Mo said.It is rumored that before writing Life and Death are Wearing Me out, Mo visited a temple with a mural of six reincarnation on the wall, which acts like a rope connecting the idea of the whole novel.This gave Mo a drawing like an old carpenter, and the manuscript was quickly written, with 550,000 words in 43 days.”Who knows right and wrong, Buddha’s eyes drooped, life and death are tired.”‘We’re all very tired,’ Mo said in an interview. ‘Fatigue doesn’t mean physical fatigue.’But also the fatigue of existence itself.The title of “Life and Death are Wearing Me out” comes from buddhist sutras — Suffering is suffering from many desires;Life and death fatigue, from greed, less desire for nothing, body and mind at ease.What “Life and Death are Wearing Me Out” ultimately tells us is what Mo yan writes at the end of the book as Blue Face’s epitaph: “Everything that comes from the land will return to the land,” whether it’s the cycle of life and death or the cycle of cause and effect.