When the Winter Olympics are on!Yuzuru Hanyu: ‘He doesn’t have to win any more’

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“I am glad to know your peach blossom noodles. From then on, how warm the spring is.”Fortunately to know the peach blossom noodles of the monarch, since then the terraces will be warmer in the spring.”That’s what Chen Ying, senior commentator of CCTV, said after Yuzuru Hanyu won the men’s figure skating singles gold medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics.Yuzuru Hanyu, a Japanese who turned the Chinese Internet world into a soap opera.He is also the first man to win a grand Slam in men’s singles at the Olympic Games, World Championships, Grand Prix Finals, Four Continents Championships, World Youth Championships and Youth Finals in figure skating history.He is a legend in men’s figure skating.Yuzuru Hanyu, who was born in 1994, started skating at the age of four when he followed his sister to the rink.He suffers from asthma, which can be triggered by cold temperatures on the rink and strenuous exercise.But Hanyu chose to defy the odds: “I have never found it so hard to compete just because I have asthma.Just think asthma is normal and work on it.”Can only rely on the soul chicken soup can not get results, Hanyu yuzuru is destined to pay more efforts than others.The average competitor does 20 to 30 quadruple jumps a day, while Yuzuru Hanyu does 60 quadruple jumps a day.Hovering in the air for 0.7 seconds, it spins around at a high speed and hits the ground with an impact five times its own weight.”Yes, Yuzuru hanyu is a genius, but unlike other geniuses, he is a genius who can work hard. He worked twice as hard as others.”Yuzuru Hanyu became Asia’s first men’s singles champion in 2014 when she won gold in Sochi.Only 19 years old pomelo tender but no lack of confidence.In 2018, she became the first figure skater to win the men’s singles title at the Winter Olympics in 66 years.He worked hard to win this championship.He was admitted to Waseda University in 2012 after taking the general entrance examination, majoring in human information science.While studying, take notes and think about how to use a formula to improve stress.This time, he chose the music of Onmyoji and studied the difficult movements with the knowledge he learned in school.In addition, I adjusted the rhythm of the music myself and consulted seimei in the movie.Yuzuru Hanyu brought to the arena seimei’s mantra of “Taking charge of heaven and Earth”.His perfect performance won the champion and applause, but also won the CCTV commentary full of poetic praise.The appearance of jade, such as loose posture, if jing Hong, wan if you dragon.He reminds me of a word fate whispers to the brave: You cannot withstand the storm.The warrior whispers back: I am the storm.He makes me think of a saying – “Fate said to the warrior: ‘You cannot stand against the storm’. The warrior replied, in a low voice, ‘I am the storm.'” The men’s singles short program will be held on Feb 8 from 09:15 to 13:30.Chinese figure skater Jin Boyang will appear fifth in the competition.Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu will appear in number 21.Yuzuru Hanyu won the gold medal at the just-concluded All-Japan championships and qualifying for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.In the competition, he completed a quadruple and half jump, also known as axel quadruple jump, or 4A.In a media interview before her arrival in Beijing, Hanyu said her bigger goal is to finish in 4A in the official competition, in addition to aiming for a triple crown.What is this “4A” in English, and what does it mean?Today, we are going to introduce some vocabulary related to figure skating to help you appreciate this graceful and beautiful sport.A professional coach once described the difficulty of 4A as “like jumping into Niagara Falls” — a famous Russian coach “when you fall, it’s like hitting a school bus” — Coach Hanyu Let’s first talk about how the quadruple and half jump mentioned above can become hanyu’s winning skill:The axel quadruple jump, which is actually a quadruple and half jump, is much more difficult than the hook quadruple jump, and hanyu has a simple analogy: it’s like jumping 6 meters at the same time and turning your body all around in the air.The quadruple jump is now a standard in men’s figure skating, and top skaters can perform five quadruples in free skating.But 4A, still untouchable.Because the Axel Jump is the only Jump in figure skating that takes off forward.Its take-off and falling ice direction is different, axel jump in the air than other kinds of jump more than half a week, so depending on the number of rotation is also known as “a week and a half jump”, “two weeks and a half jump”, “three weeks and a half jump” and “quadruple and a half jump”.In the ISU scoring system, axel jumps are abbreviated to “A”, and corresponding jumps are abbreviated to 1A (axel), 2A (double axel), 3A (triple axel), and so on.So, the quadruple axel can be shortened to “4A”.By attaching sensors to the bottom of their skates, researchers have measured that figure skaters hit the ground with a force between five and eight times their body weight after spinning and jumping.You know, when astronauts are spinning in centrifuges, the limit of 8 g is 8 times their body weight!Jump, spin, and land with 5-8 times your body weight in less than a second……Named after Norwegian figure skater Axel Paulsen, this jump is considered one of the most difficult tricks in figure skating.This figure skating move has its origins in ballet terminology.Chasse [ʃas] or Chasse, its origin is from French,Literally ‘chased’. It is a GLIDING step in dancing in which one foot displaces the other. The word came from balletterminology.In fact, there are three types of parallel moves in figure skating: simple, cross and slide.Chasse is a gliding step in figure skating in which the feet alternate.This footwork is also known as the short program (or figure dance as in ice dancing).In singles and pairs skating this routine lasts 2 minutes and 50 seconds and requires a series of jumps, spins, and footwork to the music.Free movement to music in figure skating is called free skating.Generally speaking, free skating has no specific requirements for movement.Free skating is also called a long program, which lasts four minutes for women and four and a half minutes for men and pairs.Athletes can choose jumps and other routines that best demonstrate their abilities.Finally, the contestants are judged on the merits of their art and skill.The Lutz is the back outboard leg, which takes off from the back of the body with the floating foot, slides out with the back outboard edge of the right foot, and completes one or more turns in the air.The jump is named after Austrian skater Alois Lutz, who first performed it in 1913.February 10, Yuanyu yuanyu will be in the free skating repertoire “and heaven together” in the music, the incarnation of the Japanese Warring States period military general On the sugi Qian letter, with 4A jump as “weapons”, ushered in the decisive battle.In order to jump 4A, he has fallen down numerous times.Until the open practice before the All Japan Figure skating Championships at the end of last year, Hanyu had tried 4A three times and landed on one foot.Japanese media commented that he achieved a historic breakthrough in human figure skating.One fan said she had waited “from high school until I graduated from college.”