Shandong Taishan left the first person to determine, has followed the new owner training, was the national youth team captain

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Shandong taishan this offseason in the transfer market is still the leading role, the team next season in order to deal with three fronts, will on signings, but the signings at the same time, the team a lot of players is also facing the adjustment, someone will come, the team now someone will leave, especially due to the shandong academy has a solid strength,Some of the players who can not play the game for a long time is bound to become the leading role of the exodus, now according to the latest news that shandong Taishan team left the first person is basically certain, he used to be the captain of 95 national youth team, once had a bright future, now has opened with the new owners began training.Shandong hristo in recent years, although there is no absolute power of the title, but the overall strength is also high in the Chinese super league, the team’s biggest advantage is stable, and that in shandong hristo youth played a very big role, cultivate the players can not only for continuous conveying to the team, players and more a sense of belonging, more loyal to the team,It is not easy to leave, but because of the intense competition within the team, there are only a few places, so there are bound to be a lot of players do not get the chance to play.And teams in order not to delay their career, and encouraging them to bravely go out, so now, in both the Chinese super league and in the lower-level league, has shandong hristo youth players, many players have found their own position, this year is the same, on the one end of the season, after all, some not playing ball in the team,And the age is not small players need to leave, and this has Chen Zhechao.Chen Zhechao was born in 1995, this year has been 27 years old, is the golden age, but now he still can not get the chance to play in Shandong Taishan team.Any place he can play on the left side of road, can play as a left winger, can also play on the left halfback, can even play left back, he has good speed and skill is also very good, but the shandong hristo in side capable players too much, and international levels of the players, like Wu Xinghan, bin-bin liu, liu Yang,These players are not only shandong Taishan team youth training players, but also in the team has a very good performance, last season Liu Yang also ushered in the outbreak, so that Chen Zhechao is no day.And reports that he is now with the meizhou hakka team training, this is a very good chance for Chen Zhechao, meizhou hakka team is now in the Chinese super league, Chen Zhechao can also play the Chinese super league, and meizhou hakka team as a newly promoted strength is not strong, and Chen Zhechao came into the team is not very competitive,So he can be guaranteed to get more playing time, if he plays well can be in the starting line-up, which is very good for his football career development.27-year-old Chen Zhechao last season only played six games, and last season after his contract expired, and shandong hristo also did not sign a new contract with his meaning, now follow meizhou hakka team training, shows that he has won’t return to shandong hristo again, this time to leave is really a rare opportunity, can be said to be the beginning of his career a show,I hope he plays well in the team. Twenty-seven years old is not too late. I hope he plays well in the team and can really help the team.