Is there accommodation near Tagong Prairie?Which season is more beautiful?This pre-trip strategy, very practical!

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Is there accommodation near Tagong Prairie?There is accommodation near tagong Grassland, and there are various types of accommodation, hotels, guesthouses, small hotels and other forms.However, relatively speaking, the accommodation near the pagoda grassland, the relative conditions are not as good as the hotel in the city, so if there are requirements for accommodation, you can try to choose some expensive local hotel to stay, or choose to go to the pagoda grassland in Kangding city to stay.When is tagong Grassland more beautiful?Since tagong grassland is grassland, it is taken for granted that it is more beautiful when the grassland grass is blooming. Therefore, most tourists will choose to travel to tagong grassland at the turn of spring and summer. It is not wrong in this season.Because the grassland is particularly beautiful in spring and summer, and in autumn, the grass on the grassland will be yellow, it looks naturally not so beautiful.But the beauty of tagong grassland is not just about grassland.If you have seen a lot of grasslands, stagger the peak with most of the tourists and visit during slightly less popular times to see the unique beauty of the Tagong grasslands.Although the grass on the grassland is mostly yellow in autumn, this golden beauty is still shocking to the tourists who love color.In winter, the grassland is covered with snow, which is more peaceful. It seems to be another kind of touching.How to visit tagong Grassland?Tagong grassland, in addition to grassland is a major feature, there is tagong Temple, tagong temple standing on the grassland, there is a very sacred feeling, and in the vicinity of tagong temple, five colors flying wind horse flag, is silent to tell the belief of local people.In addition to the pagoda temple on the grassland, there is also a wooden yajin pagoda, which is built with more than 100 jin of gold, so it looks particularly resplendent.Outside the Muyajin Tower, there is also a corridor of several hundred meters to turn the prayer tube. Visitors may as well turn the prayer tube to feel the power of faith.If the tourists only visit the Tagong Temple and Muyagin Pagoda, it can be completed in half a day, but if you want to feel the tagong grassland quietly, or more recommended to stay here for a night.Because the prairie night, the stars are brilliant, this is another form of beauty, is rare in the city!What should we pay attention to when traveling in tagong Grassland?In tower and the prairie traveling, sometimes encounter local children, if visitors have the candy, can not give them any appropriately, but not give too much at a time, to avoid the child to eat candy to tooth decay, can give candy, can give toys, just remember, don’t give it to each other directly, because it can develop their bad habits.In Tagong grassland, it is best to wear mosquito repellent pants, especially if you plan to spend the night in the grassland, and you can also prepare some toilet water in advance.Tagong grassland temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, remember to add clothes in time to avoid cold.Tagong grassland is a high altitude grassland. Some people will have some uncomfortable reaction when they travel to high altitude area for the first time, which is altitude sickness.Altitude sickness is usually caused by headache, dizziness and difficulty breathing. If you have high altitude sickness, you can sit down and have a good rest. Drinking butter tea can also relieve high altitude sickness.The beauty of tagong grassland has a lot to do with its natural scenery, so tourists should remember not to throw away garbage when visiting here.Trash can be packed in a trash bag and disposed of in a trash can.# Tagong Grassland