In women’s tandem bobsled, The Chinese teams placed 11th and 14th respectively

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Yang Cheng Evening News reporter Hao Haoyu intern Chen Qiudi February 19, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games double bobsled competition continued, The Chinese pair Huai Mingming/Wang Xuan, Ying Qing/Du Jiani competed and successfully finished the competition.Huai Mingming and Wang Xuan ranked 11th with a total score of 4:08.26.Ying Qing/Du Jiani ranked 14th with a total time of 4:08.49.Laura Nolte/Deborah Levy of Germany won the title.Huai Mingming/Wang Xuan and Ying Qing/Du Jiani were able to compete in the women’s pairs event at the Winter Olympic Games because the Chinese snow team sent them to participate in the two bobsled World Cup races at the end of last year and earned enough points.At the Latvian branch of the World Cup held in early January, Huai Mingming and Wang Xuan won the 4th place in women’s duet bobsled.This result enabled them to get the tickets for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games smoothly, and created the Best result in the World Cup for The Chinese players in this event.”I’m very happy to have finished the race,” She said. “A stone has finally dropped.After all, it is the first time to participate in the Olympic Games, their own pressure is still some.But I think overall we did a good job and I hope to push faster and skate better in the future.”She was pleased with her 11th place finish.The pair of Huai Mingming and Wang Xuan only played together for one season, representing China’s speed on the ice.Wang xuan said, “I have been practicing pairs for a short time. I hope more talents can join me in the future to improve the performance of Chinese bobsleigh to a higher level.”Huai mingming said, “I’ve been playing a lot lately and I was obviously tired in the last few rounds.Especially today when the cart’s a little hard to push.In the future, I need to strengthen my strength and physical fitness and do these things well so that I can improve my performance.”Source | yangcheng evening news · guangzhou send pictures | xinhua coordinating editor | jing-song liang