Count down to four days and see big S!”Thank you for your support.”Tai Fen li Support: brother-in-law

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Reporter guo covering the travelling/artist big S (barbie hsu) 8 announced remarried, lightning married 24 years ago old love, Korea group membership “clon” oppa Ye, two people by phone heavy love, just like the romantic like idol drama plot discussion, and the man has been rushed to fly to Taiwan in isolation, ready to meet her family in the future, don’t forget to through community platform to share life,Thank you for your support, flooded into many Taiwan fan messages.Gu Junye and Hsu S announced the happy news on 8th.Koo Jun-yeop updated his Instagram post on April 14 to introduce his NFT work, which is a remake of the album cover he drew in the 1990s. He also revealed that he would release new works later. Please stay focused.In addition, he also said in the end of the article, “thank you very much for your support,” although he did not specifically mention, but is interpreted as a response to the outside world about his marriage to Hsu.Posts under many Taiwan fans enthusiastic comments, “big S good talented, feel this time meet the right person”, “Taiwan’s son-in-law, come on, welcome to Taiwan”, “brother-in-law versatile”, “bless you with a big S”, “Obama is too talented”, “too talented, versatile son-in-law”, “the design is great, must support”, “love your work,Must be happy oh, also look forward to the couple as soon as possible.