Unit matter early know: February 15 A share information summary, three major newspaper internal reference

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< p style = "max-width: 100%; clear: both; mine-width: 100%;Accurate information (300099) with huawei in coal mine 5 g wisdom mining aspects such as cooperation, the company for underground coal mining roof safety, transportation and mining production of coal mine operation links such as monitoring monitoring and control of related products and technical services, etc., the main products include roof in coal mine monitoring system, intelligent coal mine auxiliary transportation system and so on.Hanwei Technology (300007) has realized the market sales of electronic seal products and technologies.University of Technology (688367) said in the interactive platform, electronic seal related business.Chutianlong (003040) smart card products cover financial IC card, communication smart card, transportation card, etc., the company deeply participated in a number of bank customers digital RMB pilot project, the Winter Olympic Games hard wallet is also one of the pilot projects;New Cape (300248) signed a strategic agreement with China Unicom Pay last year to establish a strategic partnership in digital RMB products and solutions.At present, the company has built digital RMB projects for hainan University, Suzhou Experimental School of Nanjing Normal University, Shanghai Business School and other more than ten colleges and enterprises, laying a foundation for digital RMB to expand the market scale in colleges and universities, K12, secondary vocational schools, enterprises and other fields.> graphene power desalination achieve a major breakthrough in the open market space looking further del future (002631) subsidiary ene into graphene is the first domestic professional production and sales of graphene growth system of high-tech enterprises, focus on research and development, production and sales of graphene preparation equipment, and the application of graphene related products to promote.Under Huali Family (600503), Ningbo Moxi and Chongqing Moxi are mainly engaged in the production, preparation and application of graphene microsheets and graphene films.> Top Group (601689) aluminum alloy lightweight chassis technology is a domestic leader, after the acquisition of Fodona formed a perfect layout of aluminum alloy + high strength steel;Quanfeng Automobile (603982) specializes in automotive power system and electrified chassis and other components;Aikedi (600933) plans to build an intelligent manufacturing project of new energy vehicle three-power system parts and automobile structural parts in Hanshan, Anhui.Minmetals Rare Earth (000831) is a leading enterprise in the separation and processing of ionic rare earth in South China;North Rare Earth (600111) is the largest light rare earth smelting and separation enterprise in China.”> < p style =" max-width: 100%; clear: both;Seyou Technology, a subsidiary of Jebsen (300182), provided virtual technology support for the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Yiwei Lithium Energy (300014) invested in the construction of 20GWh passenger car 4680 and 4695 large cylindrical battery production lines.Codali (002850) revealed in the investigation of investors that the company currently has the production capacity of large cylindrical 4680 battery structure parts, and will provide corresponding matching according to the actual needs of customers.> he believed in the sea: the world’s first commercial undersea data center to build according to the sea he believed in micro message (300065) to the officer, and on February 11, he believed in hainan sea bottom data center demonstration project first undersea data tank in tianjin port free trade zone lingang site to build special equipment manufacture, marking the world’s first commercial undersea data center formally entered the stage of engineering construction.The data module under construction this time has a water depth of more than 20 meters, an overall structure weight of 1,300 tons, tank body and flange diameter of 3.6 meters, and “Tianhe” space station core module, is the world’s largest undersea data module.Undersea data center by the traditional data center by Marine, land transfer to data center server to make use of the cooling effect of the water cooling, with low energy consumption, low construction cost, land-saving, no consumption of fresh water, low latency, high reliability, and modular production, the comprehensive advantages such as rapid deployment, can effectively save energy and resources,It is a new type of ocean engineering integrating science and technology, big data, low-carbon and green. It is of far-reaching significance to promote the green development of data industry and serve the digital economy.< p style = "max-width: 100%; clear: both; clear: both;On the one hand, in the aspect of IC design and application scheme platform certification, the company has passed the certification of qualcomm, Mediatek, Haisi, Zhanrui and other mainstream platforms, and is the only domestic crystal enterprises to obtain the mobile phone platform certification of Mediatek;At the smart phone customer level, except opPO, the company has realized the connection and supply to other well-known smart phone manufacturers and mainstream ODM manufacturers in China.Yongtai Technology co., LTD. (002326) plans to invest 400 million yuan to build an annual output of 150,000 tons of electrolyte project.Hesheng Silicon Industry (603260) plans to invest 17.5 billion yuan to construct an annual output of 200,000 tons of high-purity polysilicon project.Shuangliang Energy Saving (600481) wholly-owned subsidiary signed a sales contract of 15.95 billion yuan for monocrystalline silicon wafers.The amount represents 769 percent of the revenue in 2020.Shi Dashenghua (603026) plans to invest and build a project with an annual output of 20,000 tons of positive lithium supplements.Haohua Technology (600378) company's 2500 tons/year PVDF project is expected to be put into production in the first quarter of this year.Longbai Group (002601) annual output of 200,000 tons of lithium ion battery material industrialization project phase I completed trial production.Kangzhi Pharmaceutical co., LTD. (300086) signed a research cooperation agreement on Sodium Suramin for injection.Nandu Power Supply co., LTD. (300068) is expected to release the first-phase capacity of 25,000 tons of lithium battery recovery project in March.Tige Pharmaceutical (300347) intends to buy back shares of 250 million to 500 million yuan, with the buyback price not exceeding 120 yuan per share.The controlling shareholders of Fiberhome Electronics (000561) increased their holdings of the company from Jan. 27 to Feb. 14 and plan to increase their holdings in the next six months by no less than 75 million yuan in total.Maiwei Shares (300751) intends to buy back 163 million to 325 million yuan at a price of no more than 650 yuan per share.Edbio (300685) intends to buy back 100 million to 200 million yuan, the buyback price shall not exceed 95 yuan/share.Hang Seng Electronics (600570) intends to buy back BETWEEN $100 million and $150 million at a price not exceeding $80 per share.Suzhou Gootechnetium (002079) plans to invest 100 million yuan to set up its subsidiary Suzhou Dexin Chip Technology co., LTD., whose main products focus on high-end power semiconductor chips, including but not limited to transient suppression diodes, fast recovery diodes, and various chips needed by the new energy vehicle industry.Cubic data division (300344) and three Gorges electric energy signed a strategic agreement, will be to industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic, rural household photovoltaic, building photovoltaic integration and other photovoltaic power generation and new energy applications for the breakthrough, joint development of new energy projects.Hongbo Shares (002229) announced on the evening of February 14 that the company intends to pay cash to buy 51% of Guangzhou Branch language held by Baole Shares. It is estimated that the overall valuation of Guangzhou Branch language will not exceed 700 million yuan, and the corresponding 51% of Guangzhou Branch language will not exceed 357 million yuan.The deal is expected to constitute a major asset restructuring.Upon completion of the transaction, Guangzhou Sciyu will become a holding subsidiary of the company, and the company will add research and development, production and sales of intelligent household cleaning service robots.China Optics (002189) plans to set up a joint venture company to research and develop cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent vision.In ding shares (000887) to become a head of new energy brand OEMS supplier.Saimo Intelligent (300466) won the bidding of the automatic warehousing and logistics project of Yiwei Lithium Energy Holding Company.Silver Jubilee Technology (300221) plans to invest 1 billion yuan in the construction of polymer materials project in Chuzhou.Harvest technology (300007) in accepting the research, said the future the company will have a lot of sensors in air purification, fresh air, the lithium battery security management, hydrogen leaks, and other fields, sensor industrialization drives in home appliance, automotive, medical, breathing machine, flow testing, and other fields have moderate, companies expect to come up with a better future in the field of consumption growth.Whalen Crystals (300460) said in the investor relations activity record sheet that in terms of expected orders in 2022, the number of orders has increased compared to 2021, and the company is gradually becoming the supplier of Amazon piezoelectric quartz crystal head.Recently, the company has passed the approval of byd and other well-known domestic car enterprises, a number of products are in the process of inspection.Shandong Zhanggu (002598) said on the interactive platform that The Zinc ion battery technology and sodium ion battery technology of Karshiande are its own technology. Currently, the production line of solid state battery film is co-linear production for lithium ion, sodium ion and zinc ion battery solid state film, and there have been a small number of orders.Hong Xi Technology: application code 889777, issue price 12.00 yuan/shares, issue earnings ratio 24.18 times.