The engine also needs to change “mask”!See here when to change

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For people, when the air quality is poor, a mask can be worn to prevent dust.And for car engine, air filter is its “mask”.So, what is an air filter, and when should it be replaced?An air filter is located in the engine intake system and is an assembly consisting of one or more clean air filter components.Its main role is to filter out harmful impurities in the air that will enter the cylinder to reduce the early wear of the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat.The state of air filter is related to the life of the engine, but also closely related to the fuel consumption of the car.So when does the air filter need to be replaced?(1) If the engine is found to be unstable, the engine sound is muffled, the acceleration response is slow, the operation is weak, and the automobile exhaust is thick and black, then the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.(2) Check the surface color of the air filter element of the air filter. If the dust on the surface of the air filter element is cleaned, the filter paper is still gray and black, indicating that the filter element can not continue to be used, and should be replaced immediately.The maintenance cycle of the air filter is not the same in the normal replacement cycle of the environment. In general road conditions, the car should clean and maintain the air filter every 5000 km or so.In the area with large dust and sand and poor ambient air quality, the distance between maintenance should be shortened accordingly.The event will run from February 8, 2022 to February 10, 2022