SONY 65-inch 4K game TV with a time-limited kill of 6669 yuan

2022-05-05 0 By

Although the TV is ALSO 4K picture quality, but the total feeling is missing something, until I saw the SONY 65 inch 4K game TV, or the original good, now SONY XR-65X90J time limit kill 6669 yuan, still don’t hurry to feel the original “mysterious bonus”?SONY’s XR-65X90J supports 4K/120fps HDMI inputs, which can bring us more smooth motion effects in games. Most importantly, the SONY XR-65X90J equipped with XR cognition chip can detect changes in screen light and shade more accurately and restore us more realistic details.The most exciting thing for me is that this XR-65X90J can monitor PS5 when it is turned on. It is easy to turn on PS5 with one button. The most important thing is that it can automatically switch to the game mode, so that you do not need to adjust everything through the remote control.(7862115).