Changchun Community Control service 24-hour hotline serves people “zero hour difference”

2022-05-05 0 By

Since the current outbreak, facing the complicated severe epidemic situation, the civil affairs bureau of changchun city as a member of changchun city community control program, in order to further open information communication channels, convenient masses consultancy, for help and reflect the problems, the first open 24 hours changchun community control service hotline 87905382, 87905328, focusing on epidemic prevention,Responding to the concerns of the masses, set up the citizens and the Party committee and the government “heart bridge”.The hotline became a bridge and link between the people and the government immediately after it was opened at 19:00 on March 17.For all questions about community control, as long as we receive the hotline, we will quickly activate the hotline linkage mechanism, adhere to the principle of “complaints immediately”, and there will be a response within 24 hours.At the same time, we need to communicate and explain to the public patiently, win their understanding and support, and do our best to win the battle against the epidemic.Ma Xiaoqiang, director of the Social Assistance Department of Changchun Civil Affairs Bureau, introduced that the community control service hotline has received 1,569 complaints from community residents since its opening, of which 1,187 were answered and processed in the first time, and 382 were transferred.Among them, 298 cases were transferred to the supervision of special teams of the Civil Affairs Bureau, 84 cases were transferred to the grass-roots level for immediate handling, and 250 cases have been completed.Reply to ensure that community residents to inquire, the changchun city civil affairs bureau sent to community volunteers, personnel under the condition of stress, from four institutions from 20 staff, to take emergency measures, such as turn on each other at full security line open, strive to do the masses every phone can play, someone answer, every stakeholders plague appeal can get timely answer and solve.In order to improve the service quality and public satisfaction, the head of the hotline has organized all staff members to learn more about the epidemic.She specially invited Ms. Chen Chunyan, standing Director of Jilin Province Psychological Counselors Association and Secretary General of Community Professional Committee, to answer the concerns of the masses and carry out training for the staff, which achieved good results.Since the opening of the city community management control hotline, the social response is good, the hotline work has also been the majority of residents support and recognition.China JI ke APP reporter Cao Yiqun photography Li Xu production Yu Jia wechat sweep: share wechat click “find”, scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code will be able to share this article to moments of friends.