The Chinese women’s football team beat Japan to reach the Final of the Asian Cup and still can’t watch it for free

2022-05-03 0 By

Yangtze Evening News network On February 4 (reporter Zhang Chen-asd Sun Yun-yue Zhang Hao) Beijing time on February 3 evening, the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup semifinal China women’s football against Japan women’s football as scheduled.In the end, after extra time and penalty shootout, The Chinese women’s football team defeated Japan to reach the Final of the Asian Cup.However, Chinese women’s football this game, the major traditional TV media still did not live broadcast.On new media platforms, ordinary fans still can’t watch because they still have to pay.It’s not easy for fans to watch women’s football!In this Asian Cup, traditional TV media did not broadcast the match live throughout the whole process. However, the two new media platforms that own the copyright of the Asian Cup in China paid for the live broadcast of the Chinese women’s football team’s matches only after the knockout round, while the other matches were still free, causing controversy.For more, see our previous report: Lack of attention?New media platforms have not changed their pay-per-view strategy for the semi-final between China’s women’s soccer team and Japan after controversy over live broadcast.If you want to see the game, you still have to pay.Relative to the quarter-final match between China and Vietnam, a new media platform increased the number of tickets to be used from three to one, but this means nothing to fans without members.Because they still have to pay 15 or 18 dollars for 10 tickets to see the game.What is more extraordinary is that the charge for the Asian Cup is temporary and only for the Chinese women’s football team, but free for other teams.Some fans say watching women win is worth the money.It is understandable that the fans are happy. However, when The Chinese women’s football team is at a low ebb, it has played a morale boosting match when it needs the most exposure and attention. How important is it for the girls that the match can be seen by more ordinary audiences?How important is the promotion of commercial value to the social value of Chinese women’s football?However, such so-called “payment” cannot be fed back to the women’s football team. Such payment barrier prevents more audiences from watching matches, which is of no help to the Chinese women’s football team at all.In the final on February 6, China and South Korea will compete for the Asian Cup title.Will it be live on national TV?Will new media platforms be free?We’ll see!Proofreading Xu Hang