More bullet trains on xizhian-Chengdu High-speed Railway will help tourists to experience the “Chinese Style Year” in Hanzhong

2022-05-03 0 By

February 3rd, the third day of Chinese New Year.Go out to visit relatives and friends and short-distance travel passengers began to increase, Shaanxi railway short-distance passenger flow picked up.During the Spring Festival holiday, hanzhong “Hanfeng Big Year” series of cultural travel activities and the third Longtoushan Ice and snow Carnival are being held in full swing, attracting tourists from all over the country to come for sightseeing experience.In order to meet the needs of tourists, China Railway Xi ‘an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has added emU trains to Hanzhong to facilitate passengers to experience the “Han Wind New Year” in Hanzhong.To satisfy tourists to hanzhong tourism travel demand, today xi ‘an bureau group co., LTD. Xi ‘an north to hanzhong bullet train 5 extra to xian, north to NingQiangNa bullet train 2 pairs, and xi ‘an to hanzhong “Renaissance” move 1 to set the emu, convenient visitors stand, xian north station by train from xi ‘an to hanzhong, earlier covering one main node,Provide sufficient transport capacity for passengers to travel.For the convenience of passenger travel during the holiday, xi ‘an bureau group co., LTD in hanzhong city train operation depot, travel agencies and local tour department in advance, hope, xing han scenic spot scenic spots such as positive contact, understand “han wind annual” series of cultural activities and activities of scenic spots, and intensify the passenger flow investigation, combined with the ticket booking situation, dynamic analysis of passenger flow, timely reported to train expansion plan.Actively connected with the passenger transport hub and the county transportation department, combined with the local colorful Spring Festival cultural activities, snow and ice activities, contact and coordinate to improve the frequency of nanzheng, Liuba and other directions, as well as through trains in scenic spots, tourist centers and sightseeing buses, so as to achieve a seamless connection between rail and highway.Also carefully designed a day tour of Longtoushan, Xinghan Scenery · Han Wind China year travel strategy, for tourists to travel to provide a full range of services.In order to improve passengers’ travel experience, the section will strengthen the hidden trouble detection of the waiting seats, gate machines, elevators, lighting, water heaters, toilets and other service facilities in the passenger station inside the tube to ensure normal use during the festival.Optimize the station of hanzhong city service flow, comprehensive service center in the waiting room to open the ticket business “fully functional” window, can face to face, zero distance for passengers to provide sales, refund, change and temporary identity card, such as one-stop service, ticketing, waiting, validation, check-in “four unity”, all in the waiting area, let passenger train ticket is not taking transitions,Unimpeded passenger travel channels, improve travel efficiency.Strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control requirements at the same time, in the tube, NingQiangNa hanzhong city bus it romantic Settings such as security, temperature automatic doors, appoint someone in romantic health code, code inspection, daily for public area clean, sanitizers, especially for frequent travelers contact elevator handrails, faucets, brake machine parts such as increasing xiaosha frequency, and strengthen patrol, someplaceTimely remind passengers full specification wearing masks, but also in the service center set up prevention emergency supply level, provided free of charge for the passenger emergency mask, disinfecting wipes, set up in the bathroom disposable sterilized gel, and so on, and actively guide passengers to use contactless services such as face recognition, self-help equipment and in accordance with the “one-meter line” wait in line on the ground, reduce gathered,Make every effort to create a safe and comfortable travel environment for passengers.