What are the advantages of steam slime dryers in power plants?

2022-05-02 0 By

With the continuous strengthening of environmental protection, coal has been banned in many areas as the heat source of coal slime dryer, and steam as a new heat source of coal slime dryer, because of its clean environmental protection and has been favored by many people.Next with xiaobian look at the power plant with steam slime dryer has what advantages!Power plant steam slime dryer – steam slime dryer factory power plant steam slime dryer has the following advantages: 1, environmental protection.Steam as the heat source of slime dryer, its equipment in the process of drying materials, less pollution to the environment, and with dust removal equipment, environmental protection effect is more obvious.2. Safety.Coal slime dryer heat source using steam, mainly indirect way to dry materials, using low temperature dryer method.Steam slime dryer system internal low temperature, low oxygen content, low concentration, compared with the traditional flue gas slime drying, safety has improved substantially.3, energy saving.Indirect steam drying method, system air volume, low fan power.4, low production cost.The waste heat of power plant steam belongs to waste resource utilization and fuel cost can be ignored.The above is about the power plant with steam slime dryer related content, I hope the introduction of the above content can help you.